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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Man-Thing #1 (Jan 1974)
Created by Steve Gerber
Val Mayerik
In story information
Type Dimension

Therea is a fictional location in the Marvel Universe. It first appeared in Man-Thing #1 (Jan 1974) and was created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik.


Therea is a mystic extra-dimensional realm where benevolent gods dwell who appear in the form of dogs to human eyes. It is an earth-like land of peace and tranquility, and is the counterpart to Thog's realm of Sominus. Therea is ruled by twin gods, Zokk and Maftra. Zokk and Maftra are worshipped by the barbarian Korrek and his people, and even revered by Dakimh the Enchanter.

Some of the war fomented by Thog and his Congress of Realities was fought here, and when he attempted to overthrow Therea, Thog was destroyed by the Man-Thing.[volume & issue needed]


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