Thermococcus celer

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Thermococcus celer
Scientific classification
Domain: Archaea
Phylum: Euryarchaeota
Class: Thermococci
Order: Thermococcales
Family: Thermococcaceae
Genus: Thermococcus
Species: T. celer
Binomial name
Thermococcus celer[1]

Thermococcus celer is a species of extremely thermophilic Archaea, and the type species for Thermococcus.[2] For optimal growth it requires a temperature of 85 °C. T. celer is an organotrophic organism.[2] It needs a source of sulphur to thrive. In the laboratory it was found to be unable to use maltose as a carbon source and required to be provided with peptides. Like many other archaea, T. celer is a strict anaerobe.[3]

The chromosome of T. celer is a single, circular DNA molecule, with 1,890±27 kilobase pairs.[4] A gene from Thermococcus celer has been identified and sequenced that appears to encode a transcription-associated protein. The protein translations of this gene is a homolog of a small subunit found in eukaryotic RNA polymerase I. This provides evidence that eukaryotes are more related to the Archaea that to bacteria.[5][6]


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