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Vorwerk-Thermomix Logo.png
The Vorwerk Thermomix logo
Invented by Carl Vorwerk
Company Vorwerk
Current supplier Depends On Country

Thermomix is a kitchen appliance made by the Corporate Group Vorwerk.

The word “Thermomix” comes from the combination of “thermo” (heating) and “mix” (mixing). The current Thermomix provides three basic functions: A heating element, a motor for fast or slow blending and stirring and it can weigh the stack of cooking pots and pans. The functions can be accessed simultaneously to provide what the manufacturer calls "12 functions": steaming, emulsifying, blending, precise heating, mixing, milling, whipping, kneading, chopping, weighing, grinding and stirring. Several of these differ only by the speed of the motor.


The Thermomix was derived from a mixer series originally called "VKM5" in 1961. It had seven functions: stirring, kneading, chopping, grating, mixing, milling and juicing.

In the 1970s the appliance was further developed to a "VM line" allowing heating and mixing at the same time. The TM3300, the first version with the name "Thermomix", was released in 1985.

A re-designed model TM31 was released in 2004, and the TM5 in September 2014. The latest model allowed for "guided cooking" using proprietary memory chips to provide settings and cooking instructions.


The Thermomix differs from ordinary blenders and food processors in having a thermostatically controlled heating element which has a range of 37 °C (99 °F) to 120 °C (248 °F), a timer and a built in scale for weighing directly into the appliance. It is claimed to make the preparation of custards, egg-based sauces such as hollandaise, and other dishes, much easier as the machine requires no attention during preparation – cooking and stirring at the same time – and will not overheat, which could cause dishes to burn, "split" or curdle.

The appliance is recommended for professional use and endorsed by a number of chefs.[1] The high price of up to $2,000 makes it a luxury item for the layperson.[2]

Marketing and Distribution[edit]

The Thermomix is sold through direct sales by so-called "Thermomix consultants".

Vorwerk claims the appliance may be used to prepare complete meals with no need for advanced culinary knowledge.


There are currently 3 models which are frequently used by around the world: The TM21, The TM31 and the TM5.

The newest model is the TM5 though it is not avalible in some regions yet.

The Difference Between the TM5 and the TM31[edit]

The TM5 is a digital Thermomix it has Recipe Chips, a New Motor, a New Butterfly, a New Measuring cup, a New Mixing Bowl, a New Varoma(The Steamer), a New Recipe Book and a friendly user interface.

The TM31 The TM31 is a manual Thermomix with push buttons unlike the touch screen of the new TM5 it can do the same things as the TM5 but the Mixing Bowl and Varoma have a lower capacity. The TM31 does not have Recipe Chips but most of the recipes in the TM5 recipe book can be attempted in the TM31.