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These Are My Children is a short-lived American television soap opera which ran on NBC from January 31, 1949 to February 25, 1949. The show was broadcast live from Chicago, Illinois, airing fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, at 5:00 p.m. EST. These Are My Children was the first network daytime drama series.

Created by Irna Phillips and directed by Norman Felton, the show was based in large part on Phillips' early radio soaps Today's Children and Painted Dreams. Children centered on an Irish widow, Mrs. Henehan and her struggles to run a boarding house as well as help her three children and new daughter-in-law Jean. Critics were not impressed; Television World ended their review with: "There is no place on television for this type of program, a blank screen is preferable."

Phillips would go on to create many popular daytime dramas, and Felton produced primetime soaps Dr. Kildare and Executive Suite.

Cast: Alma Platts (Mrs. Henehan), Jane Brooksmith (Patricia Henehan), Martha McClain (Penny Henehan), George Kluge (John Henehan), Joan Arlt (Jean Henehan), Margaret Heneghan (Aunt Kitty Henehan), Eloise Kummer (Kay Carter), and Mignon Schreiber (Mrs. Berkovitch)

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