Theta Columbae

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Theta Columbae
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Columba
Right ascension 06h 07m 31.6328s
Declination −37° 15' 10.513"
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.993
Absolute magnitude (V) -1.850
Distance 762 ly
(233.63 pc)
Spectral type B9 IV
Other designations
HD 42167, HIP 29034, HR 2177, SAO 196514

Theta Columbae is a blue subgiant star in the constellation Columba.

This star, along with ζ CMa, λ CMa, γ Col, δ Col, κ Col, λ Col, μ Col and ξ Col, were Al Ḳurūd (ألقرد - al-qird), the Apes.[1][2]

4.8 million years ago, Theta Columbae was only 7 light years away from the Solar System, and was brighter than Venus.[3]

In Chinese, (Sūn), meaning Grandson, refers to an asterism consisting of θ Columbae and κ Columbae.[4] Consequently, θ Columbae itself is known as 孫二 (Sūn èr, English: the Second Star of Grandson.).[5]


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