Theta Pyxidis

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Theta Pyxidis
Diagram showing star positions and boundaries of the Pyxis constellation and its surroundings
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Location of θ Pyxidis (circled)
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Pyxis
Right ascension 09h 21m 29.60s
Declination −25° 57' 55.5"
Apparent magnitude (V) +4.71
Distance 522 ly
(160 pc)
Spectral type M0III
Other designations
θ Pyxidis, θ Pyx, Theta Pyx, CPD−25  4152, FK5 1243, GC 12916, HD 80874, HIP 45902, HR 3718, PPM 256035, SAO 177322.

Theta Pyxidis (Theta Pyx, θ Pyxidis, θ Pyx) is a red M-type giant with an apparent magnitude of +4.71. It is approximately 522 light years from Earth.

Theta Pyxidis is moving through the Galaxy at a speed of 22.8 km/s relative to the Sun. Its projected Galactic orbit carries it between 21,200 and 24,700 light years from the center of the Galaxy. It came closest to the Sun 5.8 million years ago when it had brightened to magnitude 3.12 from a distance of 241 light years.[1]