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Thienen is a Barony family, which was important in the German and especially in Schleswig-Holstein history.

The family belongs to the German Uradel ('ancient nobility'). The family also belongs to the Equites Originarii (Original Knights), the oldest families of Schleswig-Holstein, which can trace back their noble ancestors for at least 750 years in Schleswig-Holstein.

Around the year 800 Charles the Great expulsed the family out of Schleswig-Holstein, so they fled to Brabant, where they reigned over the city Thienen or Tienen (French: Tirlemont).

In the 13th century the family went back to Germany, where they stayed until around 1820. We know very less about the family-history until the Knight Henecke von Thienen, born around 1270, was mentioned in 1314.

In 1841 the family became Danish barons, as Baron von Thienen-Adlerflycht. Adlerflycht became part of the name, because of the marriage of Baron Conrad Christoph von Thienen with Baroness Luise von Adlerflycht, who was the last person who bore the name Adlerflycht.

Since that time the Barons von Thienen-Adlerflycht live in Austria and Bavaria.

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