Thierry Mutin

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Thierry Mutin
Birth name Thierry Mutin
Origin France
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Years active 1984–?

Thierry Mutin is a French singer of classical music and songwriter (born in Rochechouart, Haute-Vienne), famous for his 1988 hit single "Sketch of Love".


In 1984, Thierry Mutin released the single "Milliardaire comme personne". In 1988, he recorded in English-language the song "Sketch of Love", based on the suite n°11 (sarabande) of Georg Friedrich Haendel, which achieved success in France (#3 on the SNEP Singles Chart, Gold disc).[1] In 1989, he participated in the charity single "Pour toi Arménie", lead by Charles Aznavour. He published the albums Talisman in 1990, whose music was composed by Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, and Chants du Monde Nouveau in 1995. He also wrote some songs for Jean-Jacques Lafon.[2]


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