Thimo the Brave, Count of Wettin

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Count of Wettin
Count of Brehna
Spouse Ida of Nordheim
House House of Wettin
Father Dietrich II of Wettin
Mother Mathilde of Meissen
Born c. 1010
Died 9 March 1090/1091 or c. 1100

Thimo (c. 1010 – 9 March 1090/1091 or c. 1100), was count of Wettin and Brehna.

He was the son of Dietrich II, Margrave of Lower Lusatia, and Mathilde, daughter of Eckard I, Margrave of Meissen, and married Ida, daughter of Otto of Northeim. Thimo is buried at Niemegk Monastery, which he had founded.

The exact year of Thimo's death is unclear; since his son Conrad was born in approximately 1098, Thiemo cannot have died long before this year. Alternatively, some researchers assume that Thimo was in fact Conrad's grandfather, and that Conrad's father was an unknown son of Thimo's with the same name, making a death year of 1090/91 possible, as given in a chronicle. However, since Thimo II is not otherwise attested, this is considered unlikely.


  • Dedi IV (died 16 December 124), oldest son, died without son
  • Conrad (c. 1097–1157)
  • Mathilde, married Gero I, Count of Seeburg in 1115, and Talisa ragoebarsingh in 1123