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"Thinking of You" is a song released as a single by Sister Sledge in 1984 that became a hit in the UK. It was originally recorded for their 1979 album, We Are Family and was included as the B-side to their UK top 20 single "Lost In Music".

By 1984, the group's chart fortunes had almost completely died out, with their 1983 album Bet Cha Say That to All the Girls failing to chart in any of the major territories. The belated issue of "Thinking of You" peaked at #11 on the UK Singles Chart and #20 in Ireland, reviving interest in the group in both countries, paving the way for the #1 hit, "Frankie". "Thinking of You" was remixed in 1993 after the success of the "We Are Family" remix, reaching #17 in the UK.

Paul Weller covered this song on his 2004 album, Studio 150. This version made #18 in the UK and later appeared on the 2005 compilation album, Acoustic 05. This song was also covered by Maureen Walsh and Blacknuss (Blacknuss 3, vocals by Nai-Jee-Ria).

Dimitri from Paris released a pair of remixes of Thinking of You in 2010, including a vocal and instrumental version.[1] The vocal version was included on the Chic Organization box set released that year, Volume One - Savoir Faire.

"Thinking of You" was written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards and like many of their hits was built on the rhythmic foundations of their famous guitar and bass line arrangements.


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