Third Bruce Ministry

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Third Bruce Ministry meets in the late 1920s.

The Third Bruce Ministry was the nineteenth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 29 November 1928 to 22 October 1929.[1]

Nationalist Party of AustraliaAustralian Country Party Coalition

  • Rt Hon Stanley Bruce, MP: Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs (Nat)
  • Rt Hon Dr Earle Page, MP: Treasurer (CP)
  • Senator Rt Hon George Pearce: Vice-President of the Executive Council (Nat)
  • Hon William Gibson, MP: Postmaster-General. Minister for Works and Railways (from 10 December 1928) (CP)
  • Hon Sir Neville Howse, VC, KCMG, MP: Minister for Health (Nat)
  • Hon Charles Marr, MP: Honorary Minister (Nat)
  • Hon John Latham, KC, MP: Attorney-General. Minister for Industry (from 10 December 1928) (Nat)
  • Senator Hon Sir William Glasgow, KCB CMG: Minister for Defence (Nat)
  • Hon Thomas Paterson, MP: Minister for Markets (to 10 December 1928), Minister for Markets and Transport (from 10 December 1928) (CP)
  • Senator Hon Alexander McLachlan: Honorary Minister (Nat)
  • Hon Aubrey Abbott, MP: Minister for Home and Territories (to 10 December 1928), Minister for Home Affairs (from 10 December 1928) (CP)
  • Hon Henry Somer Gullett, MP: Minister for Trade and Customs (Nat)
  • Senator Hon James Ogden: Honorary Minister (Nat)


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