Third Indira Gandhi Ministry

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Third Indira Gandhi Ministry
9th Cabinet of Republic of India
Date formed 14 January 1980
Date dissolved 31 October 1984
People and organizations
Head of government Indira Gandhi
Head of state Neelam Sanjiva Reddy (till 1982)
Zail Singh (after 1982)
Member party Indian National Congress
Opposition party Bharatiya Jan Sangh
Opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani (till 7 April 1980)
Previous Charan Singh Ministry
Successor Rajiv Gandhi Ministry

Indira Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister of India for the third time on 14 January 1980.[1] In her ministry, the ministers were as follows.

Indira Gandhi's cabinet included 6 Agriculturists, 9 Lawyers, 2 Journalists and 1 former Princely state rulers.[2]

Three of Gandhi's cabinet ministers namely Pranab Mukherjee, R. Venkataraman and Zail Singh later served as Presidents of India


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister   Indira Gandhi[3] 14 January 1980 31 October 1984 INC(I)
Minister of Finance   R. Venkataraman[5] 14 January 1980 15 January 1982 INC(I)
  Pranab Mukherjee[4] 14 January 1980 15 January 1982 INC(I)
Minister of Home Affairs   Zail Singh[7] 14 January 1980 22 June 1982 INC(I)
  R. Venkataraman[5] 22 June 1982 2 September 1982 INC(I)
  Prakash Chandra Sethi 2 September 1982 19 July 1984 INC(I)
  P. V. Narasimha Rao[6] 19 July 1984 Rajiv Gandhi Ministry INC(I)
Minister of External Affairs   P. V. Narasimha Rao[6] 14 January 1980 14 July 1984 INC(I)
  Indira Gandhi 14 July 1984 31 October 1984 INC(I)
Minister of Defence   Indira Gandhi 14 January 1980 1982 INC(I)
  R. Venkataraman[5] 1982 1984 INC(I)
  Shankarrao Chavan 1984 Rajiv Gandhi Ministry INC(I)
Minister of Railways   Kamalapati Tripathi[8] 14 January 1980 12 November 1980 INC(I)
  Kedar Pandey[8] 12 November 1980 14 January 1982 INC(I)
  Prakash Chandra Sethi[8] 15 January 1982 2 September 1982 INC(I)
  A. B. A. Ghani Khan Choudhury[8] 2 September 1982 Rajiv Gandhi Ministry INC(I)

Ministers of State[edit]

  • Shivraj Patil, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Electronics, Ministry of Space and Ocean Development.[9]
  • Shivraj Patil, Ministry of Commerce (Independent Charge).[9]