Third Interchange Contour

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     Third Interchange Contour/
Khodynskaya Line
Type Rapid transit
System Moscow Metro
Locale Moscow
Opening 2015 (expected)
Operator(s) Moskovsky Metropoliten
Character Underground
Track gauge 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
Electrification Third rail
Route map
Delovoy Tsentr !B9986137056388  4  !B9979205584583  8 
Khoroshyovo yard
Khoroshyovskaya !B9980540898509  7 
Khodynskoye Pole
Petrovsky Park !B9993068528194  2 
Nizhnyaya Maslovka !B9978027754226  9 
Maryina Roshcha !B9976974149070  10 
Rizhskaya !B9982082405307  6 
Sokolniki !C  1 
Elektrozavodskaya !B9989013877113  3 
Aviamotornaya !B9979205584583  8 
to Kozhukhovskaya Line

The Third Interchange Contour (Russian: Третий пересадочный контур,[1] Trety peresadochny kontur, IPA: [ˈtrʲetʲɪj pʲɪrʲɪˈsadət͡ɕnɨj ˈkontʊr]. Also known as "the second circle line"[2]) or Khodynskaya Line (Ходынская линия[3]) is a proposed rapid transit line of Moscow Metro. It is planned to be a second circle line running outside of the existing Koltsevaya (Ring) Line. The Third Interchange Contour is also planned to include one branch to Delovoy Tsentr.

First sections[edit]

By December 2015,[1] the following stations are planned to be opened:

Additionally, the following sections of the Third Interchange Contour are planned to open in 2015,[1] but are listed as separate projects:

  • from Khoroshyovskaya to Delovoy Tsentr. Current metro maps show only one intermediate station along this stretch at Shelepikha. Previous plans that have since been canceled showed up to three stations along this section.[4] There are no firm plans for continuing this part of the line past Delovoy Tsentr at the current time.
  • Western section[1] - from Khoroshyovskaya to Kuntsevskaya. This section will become a through section of the Third Interchange Contour.

Continuing the ring[edit]

In 2016, the Northeastern section is scheduled to be completed. This section includes the part of the line from Nizhnyaya Maslovka to Aviamotornaya. The Third Interchange Contour will run from Aviamotornaya to Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa along the same routing as the Kozhukhovskaya Line, which is also scheduled to open in 2016.[1]

By 2017, the Eastern section from Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa to Kashirskaya is scheduled to be complete. This will connect the Third Interchange Contour to the present-day Kakhovskaya Line, the first part of the outer ring line to open in 1969.[1]

Completing the ring[edit]

Current plans[1] call for the rest of the Third Interchange Contour to be opened in November 2018. The remainder of the ring is split into two projects:


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