Macedonian Third Football League

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Македонска Трета Лига
Macedonian Third League
Macedonian3League logo.png
Country Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1992
Divisions 5
Levels on pyramid 3
Promotion to 2. MFL
Relegation to Macedonian Regional Leagues
Domestic cup(s) Macedonian Football Cup
Current champions Goblen (North)
Vardar (N) (South)
Belasica (East)
Vlazrimi (West)
Mladost (CD) (Southwest)
2014–15 Macedonian Third League

The Macedonian Third League (Macedonian: Македонска Трета Лига - Makedonska Treta Liga) is the third highest football competition in the Republic of Macedonia.

The competition is divided into five divisions named Third League - North (Трета Лига - Север), Third League - South (Трета Лига - Југ), Third League - East (Трета Лига - Исток), Third League - West (Трета Лига - Запад) and Third League - Southwest (Трета Лига-Југозапад). At the end of the season, the five winners of the divisions along with the 13th placed team from the Macedonian Second League play between them in a play-off. The three winners from the play-off gain promotion to Macedonian Second League. The bottom teams from all divisions are relegated to the Macedonian Regional Leagues.


Season Division North Division South Division East Division West Division Southwest
2004–05 Metalurg Lozar Osogovo Drita Karaorman
2005–06 Milano Kožuf Tiverija Gostivar Ilinden Velmej
2006–07 Alumina Miravci Nov Milenium Drita Ohrid
2007–08 Lepenec Kožuf Osogovo Ljuboten Novaci
2008–09 Lepenec 11 Oktomvri Osogovo Vlazrimi Vlaznimi
2009–10 Gorno Lisiče Tikveš Osogovo Rinia Ohrid Lote
2010–11 Treska[1] Pobeda Junior Osogovo Rufeja Korab
2011–12 Madžari Solidarnost Korzo Babi Vrapčište Novaci
2012–13 Shkupi[2] Borec Tiverija Zajazi Korabi
2013–14 Goblen Vardar Negotino Belasica Vlazrimi Mladost Carev Dvor


1. a : Treska as a winner of group A, won the play-off against Madžari Solidarnost from group B.
2. a : Shkupi was lost promotion play-offs, but due the merger with Korzo the club was promoted.


Geographic areas covered by the five Third League divisions;
Orange - North,
Yellow – South,
Maroon – East,
Green – West,
Blue – Southwest

Third League - North members for 2014–15[edit]

Third League - South members for 2014–15[edit]

Third League - East members for 2014–15[edit]

Third League - West members for 2014–15[edit]

Third League - Southwest members for 2014–15[edit]

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