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Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple
Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple
Thiruninravur is located in Chennai
Location in Chennai, India
Coordinates: 13°07′25″N 80°01′40″E / 13.1236°N 80.0279°E / 13.1236; 80.0279Coordinates: 13°07′25″N 80°01′40″E / 13.1236°N 80.0279°E / 13.1236; 80.0279
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thiruvallur
Metro Chennai
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 3,962
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration TN-12

Thirunindravur is a town panchayat located in Chennai Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu, India. it is a suburb in the northwestern part of Chennai city . It is located around 32 km from Chennai. Thirunindravur is within the Chennai Metropolitan Area. The neighbourhood is served by Thiruninravur railway station. It is famous for its temples.


The name 'Thirunindravur' comes from 'Thiru,' the name for the Goddess Lakshmi and 'Nindra,' which refers to standing, and 'Vur,' which refers to a village or place. Long ago, Goddess Lakshmi was traveling through the sky when she saw this beautiful village in which she stood and she wondered how beautiful this village and how this name came to this place Thiru(Lakshmi)ninra(stood)vur(village).

One of the 63 Nayanamars called Pusalar. In the olden Thondai Nadu is the town ThiruninRavUr, which had the disciplined people of Vedic knowledge living. For the Homeless Lord who gives refuge to one who surrenders he wanted to build a beautiful abode. He never thought of his financial capacity. All that was in his mind was somehow to build an abode for the Immortal Beauty that stole away his heart. He tried his best to gather the money required from wherever he could but he could not get enough. He was quite disappointed.

The king of the Pallava Dynasty, in his intent to serve the Lord of Kailash by building him a temple of architectural excellence, built a temple in the capital city of Kanychi. He fixed a date in consultation with the pundits suited for the holy installation in the temple. The Lord who beautifully wears a bunch of konrai flowers came in the dream of the king and told him that the next day he would enter the great abode that Pusalar of Thirunindravur made out of a sincere effort and asked the king to fix the date for the sanctification on some other later date. The Lord's play to exhibit the pure and dedicated effort of the devotee inspired the king who built a temple that stands for the sculptural beauty for ages. The king wanted to see and salute the reverend devotee Pusalar who did the coveted service that Lord Himself is waiting to enter that place. The king went to Thirunindravur and inquired there about the temple Pusalar built. But he got the reply that there was no temple built by any devotee called Pusalar in that town. The king called the vedic chanters of the town. When he asked them about Pusalar Nayanar they told him that a flawless devotee by name Pusalar was living in that town. The king of that vast land to whose summon many small kings are waiting to come did not want to call the devotee to the place where he was, but went himself to salute the devotee.

The king asked Nayanar with folded hands where the superior temple he built for Eight armed Lord was and as he came to know from the Lord Himself that it was the day when the Supreme enters the abode he, wanted to salute. The simple devotee of mountain high devotion was full of fear and gratitude mixed emotions that the Lord whose sacred feet are difficult to be seen for even Vishnu and Brahma told that he would come to reside in the abode on that specified day considering even his love! The tears of love from his eyes were there to make the place more holy. He explained the king the way he wanted to build a magnificent abode for the Lord and the financial problems because of which he went ahead with building the abode he wanted in his thoughts itself. The king wondered what a glorious thing is the love of the flawless devotees! He prostrated the Nayanar in all humbleness and returned to his capital. The great devotee as planned completed the installation of the Lord in the splendid abode he built for the Lord whose main abode is the minds of the servants who offer flowers and prostrate him with the face wet in tears. The worship for the Simple Lord Shiva who wears skulls and snakes went for ever in a grand fashion as told in the scriptures till Nayanar reached the holy feet of the Lord who danced in the abode he built. Let the determination and completeness of devotion because of which in spite of the material hurdles Pusalar Nayanar succeeded in His service that the Supreme appreciated stay in the mind.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Thirunindravur had a population of 29,395. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Thirunindravur has an average literacy rate of 81%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 86%, and female literacy is 77%. In Thirunindravur, 9% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Famous Place[edit]

Thirunindravur is famous for Hridayaleeswarar Temple and Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple Perumal temple is one of the 108 Divyadesams. Hridayaleeswarar Temple Pusalar Nayanar constructed the temple in his heart that design is physically constructed by Mahindra Pallava 1500 years ago by the order of Lord Shiva. Both the temples were built in Pallava era.

Many devotees from in and around Chennai, Tiruvallur and Poonamallee regularly visiting these temples. We can find good rush in Bakthavatsala Perumal Temple on Vaikunta Ekadasi and Hridayaleeswarar Temple during Prathosham days. Both the temples are historic, and are well maintained.

Central hub[edit]

Thirunindravur is also a central hub for all neighbouring villages and towns within a vicinity of 10 km radius on all sides. Residents of Sivanvoyal, Aranvoyal, Pakkam, Palavedu, Thottikalai, Karlapakkam, vengal etc. need to alight at Thirunindravur (junction) to access other places.

The Outer Ring Road (under construction) which is being laid in order to connect Vandalur to Ennore is being routed via Thiruninravur, from Poonamallee, Pattabiram-Nemilichery among other places. The present National Highway - NH205 passes through Thiruninravur and also referred to as MTH road or CTH road.



MTC Bus services connecting Thiruninravur:

A white line bus from Broadway to Thirunindravur
Suburban train

The Tamil Nadu Highways department issued a GO [3] on October 4, 2013 to extending the entire Chennai - Tirutani highway to 6 lanes at a cost of 168 Cr. The first phase will involve extending the road to 4 lanes - 100 ft with center median and encroachments have already started to be removed.[4] Residents and Resident welfare associations cheer this people friendly move by the Chief Minister and sincerely thank her for her leadership.

A new flyover was constructed across the railway line. This provides an easy way of travel to reach Poonamalle via Thirumazhisai, Redhills via Periyapalayam, Tiruttani via Tiruvallur and so on.


All fast and normal EMU trains bound to Thiruvallur, Arakkonam joint junction, Kadambathur, Thiruvalangadu, Tirutani and Thirupathi starting from Chennai Central and Chennai Beach halt at Thirunindravur.


Jaya Engineering College - Thirunindravur

Thirunindravur has several schools and colleges which attract many students from the city. The most reputed ones are the Jaya Group of Colleges which offer Higher Secondary education, Polytechnic, Graduate and Engineering courses.

The Thirunindravur Government School provides higher secondary education to students.