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This article is about the Marvel comics character. For other uses, see Thog (disambiguation).
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Fear #11 (Dec 1972)
Created by Steve Gerber and Rich Buckler
In-story information
Species Demon

Thog the Nether-Spawn, Overmaster of Sominus is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. He is a demon from the extra-dimensional world of Sominus who has clashed with the Man-Thing.

Publication history[edit]

Thog first appeared in Adventure into Fear #11 (December 1972), Steve Gerber's first work for Marvel, illustrated by Val Mayerik.

Thog's subsequent appearances include in Fear #13 (April 1973), The Man-Thing #1 (January 1974), #20-22 (August–October 1975), The Man-Thing (vol. 2) #11 (July 1981), The Defenders #99-100 (September–October 1981), Ghost Rider (vol. 2) #77 (February 1983), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #8 (October 1989) and Annual 2 (1992), and Magik (vol. 2). #3 (February 2001).

Thog was given his own entry in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Horror (2005) and in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z. In the earlier editions, he appeared in a group entry under "demons."

Fictional character biography[edit]

Thog the Nether-Spawn is a demon from the extra-dimensional world of Sominus who has clashed with the Man-Thing.[1]

Gerber himself, along with Man-Thing, were integral in defeating Thog on Therea in his first attempt to take over the universe.[2] Chris Claremont, in the form of Man-Thing, defeated him in his second.[3]

Some commentators have noted that Thog is modest enough to wear shorts. This is only the case in his subsequent appearances. In his first appearance, he was initially batlike, and when harmed by Man-Thing, he took on a more human form, and only shadows and angle choices protected his modesty.[4]

Thog, along with Mephisto and Satannish, were alleged to be manifestations of Satan's evil and power, however he is autonomous from said beings with a unique appearance, personality and traits.[5]


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