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For his nephew, the English barrister and judge, see Thomas Abney (judge).

Sir Thomas Abney (January 1640 – 6 February 1721) was Lord Mayor of London.

Abney was born the son of James Abney in Willesley, then in Derbyshire but now in Leicestershire. He was the younger brother of Edward Abney, later MP for Leicester. He was educated at Loughborough Grammar School, where a house is named after him.

In 1668, Abney was a freeman of the London Fishmongers' Company. In 1694 he was one of the original Directors of the Bank of England and was elected a Sheriff of London. He was elected Lord Mayor of London in 1700 and was knighted by William III.

He married Sarah Caryl in 1668 [1] who died in 1698. In 1700, he married Mary Gunston, who was surprisingly independent. It was Mary Abney who gave his name to Abney Park in Stoke Newington. Abney had a nephew also named Thomas Abney, who was a judge.


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