Thomas Bray (archbishop of Cashel)

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Styles of
Thomas Bray
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Reference style The Most Reverend
Spoken style Your Grace
Religious style Archbishop

Thomas Bray D.D. (5 March 1759 – 15 December 1820) was an Irish Roman Catholic prelate who served as the Archbishop of Cashel from 1792 to 1820.


He was author of the following privately printed work: Statuta Synodalia pro unitis Diœcesibus Cassel. et Imelac. lecta, approbata, edita, et promulgata in Synodo Diœcesana; cui interfuit clerus utriusque Diœoeceseos, habita prima hebdomada mensis Septembris, anno M.DCCC.X., 2 vols., Dublin, 1813. This book contains a papal bull against freemasonry; a decree of the Council of Trent against duels, with an explanation of it in English to be given by each priest to his flock; and short memoirs of the archbishops of Cashel and the bishops of Emly. The second volume bears the following title: Regulations, Instructions, Exhortations, and Prayers, &c., &c., in English and Irish: with the manner of absolving heretics, in Latin and English: for the united dioceses of Cashel and Emly.