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Thomas Centolella is an American poet.


Centolella has published three books of poetry: Terra Firma, Lights & Mysteries and Views from along the Middle Way. [1] His poetry has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review,[2] American Poetry Review,[3] Parthenon West Review and Ploughshares,among many other magazines.[4] His poem "View #45", was read at the United Nations as a part of Poets Against the War.[5] "In the evening we shall be examined on love" and "Lines of Force" were featured on Garrison Keillor's Writers' Almanac on NPR. He is a member of the Association of Writers & Writing Programs.[6][7]

He has read at the Marin Poetry Center,[8] and the Poetry Festival 2005 at the University of San Francisco.[9] He has been a visiting writer at many universities and colleges.

Mr. Centolella served as a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University; he has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley (Extension) and in the California Poets in the Schools Program.[1]

He currently lives in San Francisco[1] and teaches at College of Marin,[10] and the Institute on Aging in San Francisco.


  • 1990 National Poetry Series (selected by Denise Levertov)
  • 1991 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation,and Bay Area Book Reviewers Award (aka, Northern California Book Award).
  • 1992 Lannan Literary Award for Poetry.
  • 1996 Poetry Medal from the Commonwealth Club of California





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