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Thomas T. Demery (born July 18, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan) was Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) during the Reagan presidency. He returned to the private sector in January 1989.


Between 1970-1972, Demery was a licensed residential builder. Between 1972-1978, he was chief operating officer of Bloomfield Management Co. After that, between 1978–1981, Demery was a real estate and mortgage broker specializing in apartment sales.

From 1982-1986, Demery served as a consultant to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for technical analyses and reviews of selected HUD multifamily mortgages.

On August 11, 1986, during his second term in office, then-President Ronald Reagan announced his intention to nominate Demery to be the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner). He would succeed Maurice Lee Barksdale. At the time, he was the president of Income Property Services, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm in Birmingham, Michigan.[1]


Mr. Demery was married, had two children, and resided in Birmingham when he was nominated as Assistant Secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development[1]


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