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Thomas Donovan
Background information
Birth name Thomas Edward Donovan
Born Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Dance-pop, electro house
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician, recording artist, producer, videographer, social activist
Instruments Vocals, synthesizer, piano
Years active 1986–present
Labels Digital Dreams Music

Thomas Donovan is a Canadian dance-pop singer-songwriter and recording artist born in Vancouver. He was known in the 1990s for his string of radio and club hits.[1][2] Thomas' most successful electronic music works include "A Calling Around The World", "Total Controller", "High Time", "Colorcode", "All We Need For Christmas", "She'll Do What She Wants", "Trapped", "This Time I Feel It", and "Yesterday's Dream".[3]

Vancouver radio station Z95.3FM originally discovered Thomas Donovan and play-listed 10 of his songs over a 5-year span (from 1992 to 1997).[4] Other initial supporters included Vancouver's LG73 radio and Seattle's dance station C89.5FM. Top-40 radio support in both Vancouver and Seattle became a spring board for Thomas' dance music to jump to other stations and club circuits across the U.S., Canada and abroad.[5][6]

Thomas mixes human rights and global activism lyrics in his exploration of synth-pop music.[7][8] Thomas' release "Calling Around the World" is a visual and lyrical call to action, inspired by concern for environmental issues and the greater human condition.[9][10][11] Thomas directed, edited and produced the first history documentary of Vancouver's LGBT community.[12] Thomas' support for human rights and same sex marriage is reflected in his musical and video works, as demonstrated in his sexually and politically charged dance-pop dynamo titled "What Our Love Is Made Of".[13][14][15]

"He had a big hit in the '90s with "Total Controller" and Thomas Donovan is still playing in the same electronica pop/dance sandbox. The biggest hook on a pretty hooky song is that insistent beat holding all the swirly stuff together, kinda disco with computers. " – John P. McLaughlin – Vancouver Province Newspaper[16]


  • 1993: Digital Dreams[17][18]
  • 1995: Trance[19]
  • 1998: One Moment To Fly
  • 2006: The Lonely Show[20]
  • 2008:[21]>
  • 2009: Alternative Mixes[22]


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