Thomas Fairfax, 9th Lord Fairfax of Cameron

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Thomas Fairfax

Thomas Fairfax, 9th Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1762–1846) was the son of Bryan Fairfax. With his father, on December 11, 1799, he was among the last guests at Mount Vernon before Washington died.[1]

He lived the life of a country squire overseeing his 40,000 acres (160 km2), lived at Belvoir, Ash Grove, and Vaucluse, where he died. He married three times: Mary Aylett, Laura Washington, Margaret Herbert. He had seven children by his third wife Margaret:[2] Albert Fairfax, Henry Fairfax (who died in the Mexican–American War, at Saltillo, Mexico, on August 14, 1847), Orlando Fairfax, Reginald Fairfax, Eugenia Fairfax, Aurelia Fairfax, and Monimia Fairfax (mother of Constance Cary).[3]

He maintained a winter home at 607 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia, which he built in 1816.[4]

Thomas Fairfax was a follower of Swedenborg. Because of these religious beliefs, he manumitted his slaves, taught them a trade, and sent them to Liberia.[5] This is consistent with the thinking of the American Colonization Society.

His grandson, Charles S. Fairfax, succeeded him as Baron Cameron.


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Bryan Fairfax
Lord Fairfax of Cameron
Succeeded by
Charles S. Fairfax