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Manners and lifestyle expert Thomas P. Farley (a.k.a. "Mister Manners"), photographed in New York City July 2012.
For those of the same name, see Tom Farley (disambiguation).

Thomas P. Farley (a.k.a. "Mister Manners") is a manners expert, coach, radio and television personality and journalist.

Farley is the editor of the anthology Modern Manners: The Thinking Person's Guide to Social Graces [1], a guide to mannerly living that includes essays by Peggy Noonan, Frank McCourt and Jamie Lee Curtis. During his time as an editor in the features department of Town & Country (2000-2008), he was the editor of T&C's "On the Town" and "Social Graces" columns. It was during this time that he first became known to national and New York television audiences as an expert on issues of contemporary etiquette, appearing on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and in periodicals such as The New York Times and New York magazine. He is the creator of a web site devoted to matters of contemporary etiquette, What Manners Most. Along with his fellow etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, of the Protocol School of Texas, in the Fall of 2012, Farley launched a national campaign called Thanksgiving Unplugged, the goal of which is to get Americans to disconnect from their digital devices during Thanksgiving dinner and focus instead on family. In October 2012, Farley became a manners columnist for the New York Post [2], and in spring 2013, launches a column for "Manhattan" magazine.


With Irish publisher Kevin Kelly, Farley was the founding editor of The World of Hibernia magazine, a luxury publication launched for readers of Irish ancestry and which covered everything from travel to fashion. He joined Town & Country in 2000 and after leaving the magazine, in 2008, began to build a reputation in the realm of etiquette and luxury lifestyle.

Mister Manners[edit]

During his time at Town & Country, Farley became regarded for his expertise on manners and etiquette and was regularly called upon as a guest on morning shows to discuss do's and don'ts of good behavior. He's been a featured lecturer at the New York University School of Continuing Education and also does seminars for schoolchildren. He also publishes a list of the year's worst-behaved individuals: a roster that he says is "not intended to embarrass, but to inform." He continues to be an in-demand media guest and is presently working on a new book, devoted to tech etiquette. Throughout 2011, Farley became a regular guest host for "Living Today," a three-hour program that aired live daily on the Martha Stewart Living Radio network on Sirius XM 110, satellite radio. He offers etiquette coaching and training for schools, corporations and law firms and is a member of The Experts Collective [3]. In addition to his coaching and teaching work, Farley is a manners columnist for the New York Post and Manhattan magazine.

New York Insider[edit]

As host and producer of New York Insider TV, Farley is a frequent and popular personality on the New York social scene and has interviewed more than 100 celebrities for the show, including Mike Myers, Sarah Jessica Parker, Snoop Dogg, Ivanka Trump, Andie MacDowell, Sean Connery, Jessica Biel, Joan Rivers, Mike Bloomberg, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Bon Jovi. He is also a regular fixture on the foodie circuit, where he has interviewed everyone from Guy Fieri to Rocco DiSpirito and from Rachael Ray to Emeril Lagasse.


As the nightlife correspondent for Citybuzz, a New York-based destination show featuring the best of the Big Apple, Farley takes viewers to places that are just insider-y enough that when they visit themselves, they'll feel like in-the-know locals. Citybuzz can be seen in hotel rooms throughout Manhattan and on nyctv, the fifth largest local television station in the United States.[1]


Among the major feature stories Farley has written during his career include the tale of a cruise to Antarctica, a first-person account of flying with the Blue Angels and, in the fall of 1997, reportage from volcano-ravaged Montserrat, in the West Indies. (Shortly after he and his photographer left, the island's airport was permanently closed, due to a pyroclastic flow that destroyed the runway.)


Modern Manners: The Thinking Person's Guide to Social Graces (2005).
"The Experts' Guide to Doing Things Faster: 100 Ways to Make Life More Efficient" (2008). Featured contributor: "Minding Your Manners in a Fast-Paced World."


Farley is a member of the New York Press Club and is an ardent proponent of volunteer vacations, having both organized and written about them.


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