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Thomas G:son in 2013

Thomas Gustafsson (born 25 February 1968) is a Swedish composer and musician from Skövde, Västergötland, Sweden, north-east of Gothenburg. However, he is much more known nationally and internationally simply as Thomas G:son, his artistic name. Since 1998, Thomas has worked full-time as a songwriter for the company G:songs. In addition to writing and composing songs for a living, he plays the guitar in the hard rock band, Masquerade. Thomas G:son is best known for the 67 songs he has written for national finals of eleven different countries for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC): 39 for Sweden, eleven for Spain, six for Norway, four for Finland, four for Denmark, two for Poland, one for Latvia, one for Romania, one for Belgium one for Georgia and one for Malta. He has also reached the Eurovision Song Contest eight times, three times for Sweden, twice for Spain, once for Norway, once for Georgia and once for Denmark. In 2012, G:son won the Eurovision Song Contest as a composer with the entry "Euphoria" making his first victory in the competition.

Eurovision Song Contest[edit]

Eurovision Song Contest 2001[edit]

Thomas G:son wrote Lyssna till ditt hjärta for the 2001 edition of Melodifestivalen. The upbeat ABBA inspired song was performed by the young quartet Friends. From its Melodifestivalen victory, they went on to have a successful performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark, placing fifth with the English version Listen To Your Heartbeat.

Eurovision Song Contest 2006[edit]

This year, Thomas G:son has delivered the record number of eight selected entries to three national finals - Sweden, Norway and Latvia. Six of them participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen, sung by such Melodifestivalen and Eurovision veterans as Carola, Kikki Danielsson, Roger Pontare and former Afro-Dite member Kayo (all had represented Sweden at past ESCs), as well as Jessica Folker, a singer who already enjoyed international success. Such proliferation proved effective, as both Carola and Kikki reached the final of the contest, ironically taking the first and the last place, respectively. Carola and G:son's winning song was "Evighet" (Swedish for eternity) - it was performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, Greece in English as "Invincible", finishing 5th in the final, just like his 2001 entry "Listen To Your Heartbeat" did.

In the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, his entry performed by the drag queen duo Queentastic made it to the Super Final, but lost to Christine Guldbrandsen, a folk-ballad singer from Bergen.

Neither did Elina Furmane of Latvia make it through Eirodziesma; consequently, Thomas G:son had only one entry in that year's ESC.

Eurovision Song Contest 2007[edit]

In 2007, Thomas G:son experienced the peculiar situation of having two of his songs compete in Helsinki, neither of them being for his home country. Instead, the Norwegian, nationally famous musical artist Guri Schanke performed his fiery Latino song "Ven a bailar conmigo", (Spanish: Come Dance With Me). The song, which contains some elements of Argentine tango, was specifically ordered by the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK who invited Thomas G:son, who had already successfully composed three entries previously for Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian national final. Spain's 2007 entry "I love you mi vida" was also co-written by G:son, and was performed by boyband D'NASH.

Eurovision Song Contest 2010[edit]

In 2010, G:son sent his fifth Eurovision song in his fourth country: Denmark. He co-wrote the Danish entry "In a Moment Like This", song by Chanée and Tomas N'evergreen. The entry placed 4th in the competition securing Denmark's first top 5 placing in the Eurovision Song Contest in nine years.

Eurovision Song Contest 2012[edit]

In 2012, G:son wrote his sixth and seventh Eurovision songs. He co-wrote "Quédate conmigo" together with Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson & Erik Bernholm, which was sung by Pastora Soler. It was his second entry for Spain. Also, G:son co-wrote "Euphoria" with Peter Boström, performed by Loreen in Baku, Azerbaijan. It was his third Melodifestivalen song that reached the Eurovision Song Contest. On 26 May, the song won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, making his first victory in the competition.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013[edit]

In 2013, G:Son and Erik Bernholm wrote the Georgian entry, "Waterfall". It placed 15th in the final.

National final entries[edit]

Melodifestivalen entries (Sweden)[edit]

Melodi Grand Prix entries (Norway)[edit]

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix entries (Denmark)[edit]

Euroviisut entries (Finland)[edit]

  • "Who Cares About A Broken Heart?" by Johanna (2002), 5th place
  • "Say You Will, Say You Won't" by Ressu (2002), 4th place
  • "I Can't Stop Loving You" by Kirsi Ranto (2004), 10th place (Semi-final)
  • "Till The End Of Time" by Arja Koriseva (2004), 10th place

Eirodziesma entry (Latvia)[edit]

Selecţia Naţională entry (Romania)[edit]

The girl duo Indiggo which was going to perform the song was disqualified because they didn't turn up in time for a rehearsal. Additionally, an instrumental version of the song was not sent in time to the TV company.

Piosenka dla Europy entries (Poland)[edit]

  • "Viva la musica" by Man Meadow (2008), 3rd place
  • "Love Is Gonna Get You" by Man Meadow (2009), 6th place

Eurosong entry (Belgium)[edit]

Spanish selection entries (Spain)[edit]

Malta Eurovision Song Contest (Malta)[edit]

  • "Ultraviolet", Jessica Muscat (2013), 8th place

Junior Eurovision Entries[edit]

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010[edit]

The Swedish entry for Junior Eurovision 2010, Allt jag vill ha, was written by G:son, with Arash, Robert Uhlmann, and Johan Bejerholm. In Minsk, it placed eleventh.


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