Thomas Gerard Gallagher

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Thomas Gerard Gallagher
Born 1954
Residence United Kingdom
Citizenship United Kingdom
Fields Politics, History, Pedagogy
Alma mater University of Manchester
Doctoral advisor No
Doctoral students Sadegh Zibakalam
Known for Political works
Influences European politics
Influenced political thought in Europe

Thomas Gerard Gallagher (born 1954) taught politics at the University of Bradford until 2011 and is now Emeritus Professor of Politics at the university. He has published 11 single-authored books on subjects ranging from Britain's territorial politics, the crisis of the EU, religion and nationalism in contemporary Europe, and conflict and peace-building in the Balkans. He publishes regularly in the British media and from 2004 to 2013 had a weekly column in the Romanian daily newspaper Romania libera (Romania being a country which he has written about widely).

His latest book is an account of the multi-facetted crisis in the European Union which began with the financial collapse of Greece in 2009. It is entitled Europe's Path to Crisis: Disintegration Through Monetary Union. It was published simultaneously in hardback and paperback (ISBN 978-0719096044) by Manchester University Press in October 2014.

In 2011 his book, Scotland Divided: Ethnic Friction and Christian crisis was published by Argyll Publications. His next book Scotland Jekyll and Hyde: A Nation Divides, is due to appear in 2016.