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The former Thomas Bros. building, 17731 Cowan, Irvine, CA.

Thomas Guide is the title of a series of paperback, spiral-bound atlases featuring detailed street maps of various large metropolitan areas in the United States, in the metro areas of Boise, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Reno-Tahoe, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, Tucson, and Washington, D.C. Road Atlas titles are Arizona including Las Vegas, California Including portions of Nevada, and Pacific Northwest covering Washington, Oregon, Western Idaho, Southwestern British Columbia. The map books are usually arranged by county; for example, separate Thomas Guides have been published for Los Angeles County and San Diego County. There are also guides that will have two or three counties combined (for example, Los Angeles and Orange County), or guides that cover a metropolitan area (for instance, the San Francisco Bay Area). Each guide has a detailed index of streets and points of interest, as well as arterial maps for easy page location.

Thomas Guides were a local icon in Southern California for decades, with many companies including the Thomas Guide map grid info for their locations in Yellow Pages listings and other advertisements.



Thomas Bros. Maps, the publishers of the Thomas Guide, was started in Oakland, California, in 1915 by cartographer George Coupland Thomas and his two brothers, who were business partners. The company relocated its headquarters to Los Angeles in 1940. The company had grown to publish street maps of cities in several Western states; these maps were sold in fold-out, card stock covers. By the late 1940s, the company had added pocket-sized guidebooks of California and the city of San Francisco which included fold-out maps attached to the inner rear cover. The first street guides, which were initially pocket sized paperback booklets also began to appear at about this time, and were introduced for several counties in California, and one in Washington.

After George Coupland Thomas died in 1955, the ownership was bought by Coupland Thomas' family lawyer Warren B. Wilson, brother of Lionel Wilson, the past mayor of Oakland, California. During the big California home development boom of the late '70s Wilson moved the company to a newly built state-of-the-art designed building in the industrial park area Irvine, California, in the early 1980s. For 40 years Wilson served as CEO and owner of Thomas Bros. Maps and was responsible for leading the company into the digital age. Starting in the 1990s Wilson hired many CEOs to run the company to give him more time traveling and studying his love of art.

In this new growth period of the early 1990s the company led the way and did a lot of new innovative things in the map industry. They were the first map company to start a map education foundation that trained teachers on geography and interesting map lessons and donated map materials to area schools. They were also the first map publishing company to set up a computer map database that could have sections checked out by cartographers, updated, and them checked back in a live digital map library with date stamps to keep track of what was edited. They also solved many software digital mapping problems that other companies still use today. And they were the first map company to set up a digital map page and grid look-up system for the whole world. Many old-time TBM map book users can still tell you what page and grid they live on even though they stopped using the map books years ago.

After conversion and completion of all of their pen and ink map atlases to digital format in the mid-1990s, map data became a significant part of TBM company sales. The company had large data contracts in the 1990s with California CHP, large utilities, and many area cities and counties. The Thomas Brothers map database had a monopoly in the '90s since they had the best street addresses in them making them very good for address matching for businesses. As sales of its last produced guidebooks for Washington, DC, and Virginia did not sell as expected and much money was lost on the website store design, the company was in major debt, and was purchased by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rand McNally in 1999. The company took a new radical direction in November 2003 and let go many of Thomas Brothers' most skilled cartographers and employees.

After this very large layoff, the Rand McNally CEO announced all Irvine data edits would be outsourced to Bangalore, India. The remaining Irvine employees would send and manage the data to and from India and check the map work India editors did before publishing. After January 2004 many important things in the guides were cut to save money. The valued POI index was no longer updated. Thinner and cheaper paper was used in the map guides. The Irvine source department was closed and no customer corrections were taken or recorded. Many guides were no longer printed yearly. The book name was dropped to just Thomas Guide and colors changed to match Rand McNally colors and product line releases. The popular map store was closed at the Irvine building, which was the last TBM store to close after they shut the ones in San Francisco, downtown Los Angeles, and the South Coast Plaza Mall years earlier. The map guides still sell, but the famous digital map database is old and derelict now. Rand McNally now buys their map data and updates from the big map digital data companies like Teleatlas and Navteq. They overlay the new streets on their old database for publication.

Past TBM employees still wonder where the company would be if they had not been sold to Rand McNally but sold to somebody on the west coast. Also, if the company had not spread itself so thin and stayed focused on current sales areas and data sales. Many believe the constant change in CEOs and product line directions in the last 15 years killed the company. Rand McNally/TBM no longer has any employees or customer service in California, after laying off the final Irvine headquarters employees in 2009.[1]


Thomas Guide atlases are sometimes referred to as a Thomas Brothers (for Thomas Bros. Maps). However, "Thomas Guides" are so commonly used in Southern California that governments, businesses, individuals and even emergency response agencies will often refer to a "Thomas Guide" page number and map grid to help specify a location.[2]

Businesses often use the large Thomas Guide wall maps. One common use for the wall maps is for delivery businesses, such as a local pizza restaurant. In addition, custom versions of the guides and wall maps are produced for businesses and governments that include such things as census tracts, locations of government facilities, watershed boundaries, and political boundaries.

There are also CD-ROM digital editions of the Thomas Guide atlases available (Microsoft Windows only). In addition, the Thomas Brothers digital database can be licensed to companies and governments to use as a base map for geographical information systems applications.

Updated editions are released annually, although according to interviews with former employees responsible for product updates, actual map content for some titles are only updated every other year. (But product covers are updated every year, even if map content had not changed.) Folding map products are created as a derivative of the Thomas Guides, which carry the Rand McNally name, but mention that the content is from the Thomas Guides. Rand McNally also releases Thomas Guide-like Street Guides and traditional fold-out versions of maps covering regions of North America not covered by the Thomas Guides.

The Trimble Atlas[edit]

Table Acronyms[edit]

Long Name Short Name
Region Number R
Sub Region Number SR
Regional Page Number RP
Area Page Number AP
Metro Abbreviation MA
Metro Detail Page MDP
Universal Detail Page UDP
Sub Grid SG
Upper Left UL
Upper Center UC
Upper Right UR
Middle Left ML
Middle Center MC
Middle Right MR
Lower Left LL
Lower Center LC
Lower Right LR
Region Name RN
State Name SN
Pacific Northwest PNW
Mountain MTN
North Central NC
Great Lakes GL
Northeast NE
Pacific Southwest PSW
Four Corners FC
South Central SC
Southeast SE

TBM Regions[edit]

Region name State name Region # Page count Regional Page #
Pacific Northwest OR/WA 1 6 5-6, 9-10, 13-14
Mountain ID/MT/WY 2 9 5-7, 9-11, 13-15
North Central IA/KS/MN/MO/NE/ND/SD 3 12 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 13-15
Great Lakes IL/IN/KY/MI/OH/WI 4 9 1-2, 5-6, 9-11, 13-14
Northeast CT/DE/MA/MD/ME/NH/NJ/NY/PA/RI/VA/VT/WV 5 9 3, 5-7, 9-11, 13-14
Pacific Southwest CA/NV 6 6 5-6, 9-10, 13-14
Four Corners AZ/CO/NM/UT 7 10 1, 5-7, 9-11, 13-15
South Central AR/LA/OK/TX 8 13 1-12, 14
Southeast AL/FL/GA/MS/NC/SC/TN 9 12 1-11, 15

Region 1: Pacific Northwest[edit]

Name State Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Paine Field Washington 5-D5 163-C3 15935-F6 KPS 415-F6
Seattle-Tac Washington 5-D6 173-C1 16835-B6 KPS 655-B7
Portland Oregon 9-C3 202-K5 22531-E4 POR 567-E4
Hillsboro Oregon 9-C3 202-F6 22627-F2 POR 593-F2
McMinnville Oregon 9-C4 212-D1 23225-E7 POR 771-E7
Mulino Oregon 9-C4 212-K1 23231-D6 POR 777-D6
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Everett,WA Snohomish 5-D5 163-D2 15836-E6 KPS 396-E6
Seattle,WA King 5-D5 163-C9 16535-A5 KPS 565-A5
Port Orchard,WA Kitsap 5-C5 162-K11 16731-H1 KPS 621-H1
Tacoma,WA Pierce 5-D6 173-A5 17233-F7 KPS 773-F7
Shelton,WA Mason 5-C6 172-E6 17326-H2 KPS 796-H2
Olympia,WA Thurston 5-C6 172-G9 17628-J5 KPS 888-J5
St. Helens,OR Columbia 9-C2 192-H11 22029-B1 POR 415-B1
Stevenson,WA Skamania 9-D3 203-G3 22339-B4 POR 515-B4
Vancouver,WA Clark 9-C3 202-K4 22431-D4 POR 537-D4
Hillsboro,OR Washington 9-C3 202-F6 22627-B5 POR 593-B5
Portland,OR Multnomah 9-C3 202-J6 22630-E6 POR 596-E6
Oregon City,OR Clackamas 9-C3 202-K9 22931-C7 POR 687-C7
McMinnville,OR Yamhill 9-C4 212-C1 23224-H5 POR 770-H5
Dallas,OR Polk 9-C4 212-B7 23823-D2 POR 949-D2
Salem,OR Marion 9-C4 212-E7 23826-E2 POR 952-E2
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Okanogan-Wenatchee,WA 5-F3 145-J11 14563-D5
Colville,WA 6-B4 157-D2 14780-E2
Mount Baker-Snoqualmie,WA 5-E4 154-A3 14844-G7
Olympic,WA 5-C5 162-F5 16127-E4
Gifford Pinchot,WA 9-D2 193-H5 19440-B2
Umatilla,OR/WA 10-B3 207-B4 22478-J4
Mount Hood,OR 9-D4 213-G1 23239-G1 POR785-G1
Wallowa-Whitman,OR 10-B4 217-K1 23286-D3
Siuslaw,OR 9-B5 221-F3 24516-J5 POR1152-J5
Ochoco,OR 9-F5 225-D7 24958-C7
Malheur,OR 10-A5 226-G9 25172-B7
Willamette,OR 9-D6 233-C1 25435-D5
Deschutes,OR 9-D6 233-K4 25742-J1
Umpqua,OR 13-C1 242-J8 27230-F2
Fremont-Winema,OR 13-E2 254-F10 28549-H3
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
North Cascades,WA 5-E4 154-F3 14849-H6
Olympic,WA 5-C5 162-B2 15823-B1
Mount Rainier,WA 9-D1 183-H2 18040-H6 KPS980-H6
Crater Lake,OR 13-D2 253-C3 27835-D3
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Olympia,WA 5-C6 172-G9 17628-J5 KPS888-J5
Salem,OR 9-C4 212-E7 23826-E2 POR952-E2
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Mount Rainier,WA 9-D1 183-H2 18040-G6 KPS980-G6
Mount Hood,OR 9-D3 203-J9 22941-A7 POR697-A7

Region 2: Mountain[edit]

National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Kootenai,MT 5-D3 143-H8 14624-J4
Flathead,MT 5-F4 165-C8 16841-C5
Lolo,MT 5-E6 204-G3 22234-C4
Lewis and Clark,MT 6-C6 208-C8 23274-A7
Clearwater,ID 9-D1 223-K3 24426-C6
Helena,MT 10-A1 226-H5 24857-E1
Bitterroot,MT 9-E2 244-G8 27634-J6
Custer,MT 11-A3 272-J1 28524-A4
Nez Perce,ID 9-D3 263-A2 28617-B7
Beaverhead-Deerlodge,MT 9-F3 265-K3 28848-G4
Salmon-Challis,ID 9-E3 264-H7 29635-F3
Gallatin,MT 10-B3 267-K8 29870-C6
Payette,ID 9-C4 282-J2 32814-G3
Bighorn,WY 10-F4 291-F10 34510-C5
Boise,ID 9-D5 303-C7 36019-H5
Shoshone,WY 10-D5 309-D10 36686-E4
Sawtooth, ID 9-E6 324-B4 37629-E5
Bridger-Teton,WY 14-C2 368-B3 43873-B1
Medicine Bow–Routt,WY 15-A4 412-K8 49325-E6
Idaho Panhandle,ID/MT  ??  ??  ??
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Glacier,MT 5-F3 145-D6 14242-E2
Yellowstone,WY 10-C4 288-D10 34475-G4
Grand Teton,WY 10-C6 328-B3 37473-F5
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Helena,MT 10-A1 226-K4 24659-D2
Boise,ID 9-C6 322-G5 37812-D6
Cheyenne,WY 15-C4 414-E8 49342-D7
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Granite Peak,MT 10-D3 226-K4 32283-B3
Borah Peak,ID 9-F5 305-A8 36239-F1
Gannett Peak,WY 14-D1 349-C5 42085-D3

Region 3: North Central[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Minneapolis-St Paul,MN 6-F3 271-E7 33925-H3 MIN788-H3
Kansas City,MO 14-D1 469-L7 59909-A4 KAN709-A4
Lambert-St. Louis,MO 15-C2 494-H6 63961-C1 STL863-C1
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Center City,MN Chisago 6-F2 251-K8 29930-B2 MIN 593-B2
Elk River,MN Sherburne 6-F2 251-A9 32121-H7 MIN 604-H7
Buffalo,MN Wright 6-E3 270-J1 32718-G6 MIN 661-G6
Anoka,MN Anoka 6-F3 271-C1 32723-J2 MIN 666-J2
Stillwater,MN Washington 6-F3 271-K3 33130-B7 MIN 713-B7
Minneapolis,MN Hennepin 6-F3 271-E5 33525-C3 MIN 748-C3
St. Paul,MN Ramsey 6-F3 271-G6 33727-C2 MIN 770-C2
Chaska,MN Carver 6-F3 271-A9 34321-G3 MIN 824-G3
Shakopee,MN Scott 6-F3 271-B9 34322-E1 MIN 825-E1
Hastings,MN Dakota 6-F3 271-J10 34529-J2 MIN 852-J2
Red Wing,MN Goodhue 7-A4 292-B2 35133-D4 MIN 916-D4
Plattsburg,MO Clinton 14-E1 470-C2 58912-B2 KAN 612-B2
Platte City,MO Platte 14-D1 469-K6 59708-C2 KAN 688-C2
Leavenworth,KS Leavenworth 14-D1 469-H7 59906-E2 KAN 706-E2
Richmond,MO Ray 14-E1 470-H7 59917-H7 KAN 717-H7
Liberty,MO Clay 14-E1 470-C8 62112-E5 KAN 732-E5
Lexington,MO Lafayette 14-E1 470-K9 62319-A6 KAN 759-A6
Kansas City,KS Wyandotte 14-D1 469-L11 62709-E2 KAN 789-E2
Kansas City,MO Jackson 14-E1 470-A11 62710-F3 KAN 790-F3
Independence,MO Jackson 14-E1 470-C11 62712-G6 KAN 792-G6
Troy,MO Lincoln 15-B2 493-L1 62953-G7 STL 705-G7
Olathe,KS Johnson 14-D2 489-J4 63507-J5 KAN 867-J5
Warrenton,MO Warren 15-B2 493-J5 63751-H2 STL 823-H2
St. Charles,MO St. Charles 15-C2 494-F5 63759-D3 STL 831-D3
St. Louis,MO St. Louis 15-C2 494-K8 64363-C2 STL 925-C2
Ottawa,KS Franklin 14-D2 489-D9 64502-C7 KAN 962-C7
Harrisonville,MO Cass 14-E2 490-D9 64513-D2 KAN 973-D2
Union,MO Franklin 15-B3 513-L1 65153-G3 STL1035-G3
Hillsboro,MO Jefferson 15-C3 514-F5 65959-B3 STL1161-B3
Mound City,KS Linn 14-D3 509-J8 66507-G2 KAN1167-G2
Potosi,MO Washington 15-C4 514-C11 67156-G2 STL1338-G2
Farmington,MO St. Francois 15-C4 534-H3 67761-B1 STL1433-B1
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Superior,MN 1,3-A4 172-H2 17939-E3
Chippewa,MN 2-E5 190-F1 19915-H6
Samuel R. McKelvie,NE 9-D1 343-F2 43638-A2
Nebraska,NE 9-E2 364-A11 47644-D7
Mark Twain,MO 15-B5 553-F8 72948-D2
Black Hills,SD/WY  ??  ??  ??
National Parks[edit]
Name SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Voyageurs Minnesota 2-F3 151-H1 15528-G6
Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota 1-B4 161
Badlands South Dakota 5-C5 302-B2 37223-A1
Wind Cave South Dakota 5-B5 301-A4 37611-J3
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Bismarck,ND 1-E5 184-B9 23445-G7
St. Paul,MN 6-F3 271-G6 33727-C2 MIN770-C2
Pierre,SD 5-E4 284-D3 35247-D4
Des Moines,IA 10-F3 391-A6 48921-H3
Lincoln,NE 10-B4 407-K10 53886-D2
Topeka,KS 14-C2 488-K1 62897-D1
Jefferson City,MO 15-A2 492-H10 64739-E3 STL 961-E3
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Eagle Mountain,MN 1,3 173  ??
White Butte,ND 2,1-B6 201  ??
Harney Peak,SD 5-B4 281-A9 36411-H2
Hawkeye Point,IA 6-C6 328-L2 39498-C3
Panorama Point,NE 9-A3 380-B9 49401-D3
Mount Sunflower,KS 5,13-B1 461  ??
Taum Sauk Mountain,MO 15-C4 534-D7 68557-F4

Region 4: Great Lakes[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
General Mitchell Field,WI 5-F5 305-F10 36860-F4 MIL 832-F4
Oakland County,MI 6-E6 330-B4 37911-B5 DET 631-B5
Detroit Metropolitan,MI 10-E1 350-C2 39712-B4 DET 812-B4
Chicago O'Hare,IL 9-F1 345-F7 42660-C4 CHI 772-C4
Aurora,IL 9-E1 344-K11 43453-F3 CHI 845-F3
Chicago Midway,IL 9-F1 345-G11 43461-J1 CHI 853-J1
Cleveland Hopkins,OH 10-F2 371-J6 44729-H3 CLE 719-H3
Akron Fulton,OH 11-A3 392-C2 46134-F3 CLE 934-F3
Port Columbus,OH 10-E5 430-J1 52318-G6 COL 828-G6
Indianapolis,IN 10-B5 427-B8 53678-F3 IND 708-F3
Greater Cincinnati,KY 10-C6 448-L10 56298-A2 CIN 788-A2
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
West Bend,WI Washington 5-F4 285-C11 34857-F7 MIL 629-F7
Juneau,WI Dodge 5-E5 304-H1 35051-H1 MIL 643-H1
Port Washington,WI Ozaukee 5-F5 305-F1 35060-J5 MIL 652-J5
Milwaukee,WI Milwaukee 5-F5 305-F8 36460-A3 MIL 792-A3
Jefferson,WI Jefferson 5-E5 304-G9 36650-D1 MIL 802-D1
Waukesha,WI Waukesha 5-F5 305-B9 36656-J1 MIL 808-J1
Racine,WI Racine 5-F6 325-G3 37661-F6 MIL 913-F6
Elkhorn,WI Walworth 5-E6 324-K4 37853-C5 MIL 925-C5
Pontiac,MI Oakland 6-E6 330-C4 37912-F7 DET 632-F7
Howell,MI Livingston 6-D6 329-G5 38105-D7 DET 645-D7
Mount Clemens,MI Macomb 6-E6 330-H5 38117-C5 DET 657-C5
Kenosha,WI Kenosha 5-F6 325-G6 38261-B5 MIL 973-B5
Waukegan,IL Lake 5-F6 325-F10 39060-H6 CHI 612-H6
Detroit,MI Wayne 6-E6 330-F10 39115-F7 DET 755-F7
Woodstock,IL McHenry 5-E6 324-L11 39254-B5 CHI 626-B5
Belvidere,IL Boone 9-E1 344-F1 39449-F6 CHI 641-F6
Ann Arbor,MI Washtenaw 10-D1 349-J1 39507-F3 DET 787-F3
Jackson,MI Jackson 10-D1 349-B2 39700-B2 DET 800-B2
Sycamore,IL DeKalb 9-E1 344-H7 42651-C1 CHI 763-C1
Adrian,MI Lenawee 10-D1 349-F8 42904-E7 DET 924-E7
Monroe,MI Monroe 10-E1 350-B8 42911-H3 DET 931-H3
Geneva,IL Kane 9-F1 345-A9 43055-F1 CHI 807-F1
Wheaton,IL DuPage 9-F1 345-C9 43057-J7 CHI 809-J7
Chicago,IL Cook 9-F1 345-J9 43063-D4 CHI 815-D4
Yorkville,IL Kendall 9-E2 364-K2 43853-J4 CHI 885-J4
Chardon,OH Geauga 11-A2 372-F2 43937-B4 CLE 607-B4
Cleveland,OH Cuyahoga 10-F2 371-L4 44331-J6 CLE 661-J6
Joliet,IL Will 9-F2 365-C5 44457-D3 CHI 949-D3
Crown Point,IN Lake 10-A2 366-A7 44866-D5 CHI 998-D5
Elyria,OH Lorain 10-F2 371-G7 44927-A2 CLE 747-A2
Ottawa,IL LaSalle 9-E2 364-F8 45049-C4 CHI1001-C4
Morris,IL Grundy 9-E2 364-L8 45054-A2 CHI1006-A2
Ravenna,OH Portage 11-A2 372-F10 45537-A6 CLE 847-A6
Medina,OH Medina 10-F2 371-J11 45729-J6 CLE 869-J6
Akron,OH Summit 11-A3 392-B1 45933-J5 CLE 903-J5
Kankakee,IL Kankakee 9-F3 385-F2 46060-E4 CHI1112-E4
Lebanon,IN Boone 10-A5 426-L1 52276-E5 IND 566-E5
Noblesville,IN Hamilton 10-A5 427-E1 52281-H6 IND 571-H6
Columbus,OH N/A 10-E5 430-H2 52517-F2 COL 847-F2
Indianapolis,IN Marion 10-B5 427-D6 53280-D7 IND 670-D7
Lebanon,OH Warren 10-D6 449-E2 54703-D5 CIN 633-D5
Brookville,IN Franklin 10-C6 448-F3 54893-J1 CIN 643-J1
Hamilton,OH Butler 10-D6 449-A3 54899-B3 CIN 649-B3
Lawrenceburg,IN Dearborn 10-C6 448-H9 56095-G3 CIN 765-G3
Cincinnati,OH Hamilton 10-D6 449-A9 56099-H2 CIN 769-H2
Covington,KY Kenton 10-D6 449-A9 56099-J7 CIN 769-J7
Newport,KY Campbell 10-D6 449-B9 56100-B4 CIN 770-B4
Batavia,OH Clermont 10-D6 449-E9 56103-H4 CIN 773-H4
Burlington, KY Boone 10-C6 448-K10 56297-E6 CIN 787-E6
Rising Sun, IN Ohio 14-C1 468-H1 56695-H2 CIN 825-H2
Warsaw,KY Gallatin 14-C1 468-H4 57295-D4 CIN 885-D4
Falmouth,KY Pendleton 14-D1 469-D6 57702-B4 CIN 932-B4
Brooksville,KY Bracken 14-D1 469-G6 57705-D3 CIN 935-D3
Williamstown,KY Grant 14-D1 469-A7 57899-E2 CIN 949-E2
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Chequamegon-Nicolet,WI 1-C6 202-J3 22430-F1
Hiawatha,MI 2-A6 206-J2 22274-G2
Huron-Manistee,MI 6-C3 268-A6 29688-F7
Wayne,OH 10-F6 451-D6 55524-H7
Hoosier,IN 14-A1 466-K9 58275-J7
Shawnee,IL 13-E3 504-D7 64247-J3
Daniel Boone,KY 14-D3 509-K11 65108-D6
Ottawa,MI  ??  ??
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Isle Royale,MI 1,1-E2 124
Cuyahoga Valley,OH 11-A2 372-B9 45333-E3 CLE813-E3
Mammoth Cave,KY 14-B4 527-D3 65680-J3
Name,SN Team Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Miller Park,WI Milwaukee Brewers 5-F5 305-E8 36459-H6 MIL 791-H6
Comerica Park,MI Detroit Tigers 6-E6 330-F10 39115-E6 DET 755-E6
Ford Field,MI Detroit Lions 6-E6 330-F10 39115-F6 DET 755-F6
Wrigley Field,IL Chicago Cubs 9-F1 345-J8 42863-A2 CHI 795-A2
Soldier Field,PA Philadelphia Phillies 9-F1 345-J9 43063-E7 CHI 815-E7
U.S. Cellular Field,IL Chicago White Sox 9-F1 345-J10 43263-C4 CHI 835-C4
FirstEnergy Stadium,PA Cleveland Browns 10-F2 371-L4 44331-E3 CLE 661-E3
Progressive Field,OH Cleveland Indians 10-F2 371-L4 44331-G4 CLE 661-G4
Lucas Oil Stadium,IN Indianapolis Colts 10-B5 427-D7 53480-B4 IND 690-B4
Great American Ball Park,OH Cincinnati Reds 10-D6 449-A9 56099-J2 CIN 769-J2
Paul Brown Stadium,OH Cincinnati Bengals 10-D6 449-A9 56099-H3 CIN 769-H3
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Madison,WI 5-D5 303-L7 36243-H4 MIL 755-H4
Lansing,MI 6-C6 328-L3 37698-D5
Columbus,OH 10-E5 430-H2 52517-F2 COL 847-F2
Springfield,IL 9-D5 423-F5 53038-J7
Indianapolis,IN 10-B5,ML 427-D7 53480-C3 IND 690-C3
Frankfort,KY 14-C2 488-H5 59695-J1
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Timms Hill,WI 5-D1 223-D4 24836-F1
Charles Mound,IL 5-D6 323-A7 38433-J1
Mount Arvon,MI  ?,1
Campbell Hill,OH 10-D4 409-K5 48908-H7
Hoosier Hill,IN 10-C5 428-H2 52495-F5
Black Mountain,KY 6,14-E4 530

Region 5: Northeast[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Logan,MA 11-B2 313-J3 36351-J7 BOS 795-J7
Worcester,MA 11-A2 312-L6 36942-A4 BOS 876-A4
Provincetown,MA 11-C2 314-H9 37561-A1 BOS 985-A1
New Bedford,MA 11-B3 333-K6 39152-J4 BOS1216-J4
Barnstable,MA 11-C3 334-G6 39160-G1 BOS1224-G1
Martha's Vineyard,MA 11-C3 334-D11 42157-B6 BOS1371-B6
Nantucket,MA 11-C4 354-K3 42763-G1 BOS1467-G1
Greater Pittsburgh,PA 9-E5 364-B6 45443-B7 PIT 657-B7
La Guardia,NY 10-E5 370-K3 44919-G4 NY 893-G4
Newark,NJ 10-E5 370-G5 45316-C3 NY 970-C3
John F. Kennedy,NY 10-E5 370-L6 45520-H2 NY1014-H2
Philadelphia,PA 10-D6 389-E10 48503-H4 PHI1597-H4
Winchester,VA 14-A2 426-D2 53269-B1 WAS 843-B1
Baltimore-Washington,MD 14-B2 427-K2 53286-G1 BAL 860-G1
Leesburg,VA 14-A2 426-L3 53476-A5 WAS 880-A5
Front Royal-Warren County 14-A2 426-B6 54067-G4 WAS 961-G4
Washington Dulles,VA 14-B2 427-A6 54077-C3 WAS 971-C3
Ronald Reagan Washington,VA 14-B2 427-F8 54482-C3 WAS1036-C3
Manassas,VA 14-A2 426-L10 54876-E6 WAS1090-E6
Fort Belvoir,VA 14-B2 427-D10 54880-E7 WAS1094-E7
Warrenton-Fauquier,VA 14-A3 446-J2 55474-A3 WAS1178-A3
Culpeper,VA 14-A3 446-G3 55672-C4 WAS1206-C4
Quantico,VA 14-B3 447-B4 55878-J1 WAS1242-J1
Stafford,VA 14-B3 447-A6 56277-A1 WAS1301-A1
Dahlgren,VA 14-B3 447-F7 56482-B6 WAS1336-B6
Fort A.P. Hill,VA 14-B4 467-B1 57478-F5 WAS1482-F5
Louisa County,VA 14-A4 466-E2 57670-F4 WAS1504-F4
Hanover County,VA 14-B4 467-A8 58877-A6 WAS1691-A6
Richmond,VA 14-B5 487-B1 59678-D6 WAS1812-D6
Chesterfield County,VA 14-A5 486-K3 62075-H5 WAS1869-H5
Defense Supply Center,VA 14-A5 486-L3 62076-G4 WAS1870-G4
Fort Lee,VA 14-B5 487-B7 62878-A1 WAS1992-A1
Newport News/Williamsburg,VA 14-C5 488-A9 63288-D4 WAS2062-D4
Norfolk,VA 14-C6 508-D3 64291-J2 WAS2215-J2
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Boston,MA Suffolk 11-B2 313-J4 36551-C1 BOS 825-C1
Worcester,MA Worcester 11-A2 312-L6 36942-J3 BOS 876-J3
Dedham,MA Norfolk 11-B2 313-H6 36950-B4 BOS 884-B4
Taunton,MA Bristol 11-B3 333-J2 38351-C2 BOS1095-C2
Barnstable,MA Barnstable 11-C3 334-G5 38960-E4 BOS1194-E4
Bristol,RI Bristol 11-B3 333-G6 39149-D4 BOS1213-D4
East Greenwich,RI Kent 11-B3 333-D7 39346-J3 BOS1240-J3
Butler,PA Butler 9-E4 344-F11 44249-G1 PIT 543-G1
Kittanning,PA Armstrong 9-E5 364-L1 44454-A2 PIT 568-A2
The Bronx,NY Bronx 10-E5 370-K2 44719-F3 NY 853-F3
Beaver,PA Beaver 9-E5 364-A3 44844-G1 PIT 598-G1
Manhattan,NY New York 10-E5 370-J3 44918-G3 NY 892-G3
Queens,NY Queens 10-E5 370-K4 45119-H1 NY 933-H1
Brooklyn,NY Kings 10-E5 370-J5 45318-D2 NY 972-D2
New Cumberland,WV Hancock 9-D5 363-J6 45441-A5 PIT 655-A5
Staten Island,NY Richmond 10-E5 370-G7 45716-F5 NY1050-F5
Pittsburgh,PA Allegheny 9-E5 364-E8 45848-B3 PIT 702-B3
Wellsburg,WV Brooke 9-D5 363-H10 46240-H7 PIT 734-H7
Greensburg,PA Westmoreland 9-E5 364-K11 46453-D4 PIT 767-D4
Doylestown,PA Bucks 10-D6 389-G1 46705-B7 PHI1239-B7
Washington,PA Washington 9-E6 384-A2 46844-J3 PIT 798-J3
Harrisburg,PA Dauphin 10-B6 387-H2 46884-F4 PHI1258-F4
Carlisle,PA Cumberland 10-B6 387-D3 47080-H5 PHI1294-H5
Norristown,PA Montgomery 10-D6 389-D5 47502-F5 PHI1396-F5
Uniontown,PA Fayette 9-E6 384-G8 48050-J2 PIT 924-J2
West Chester,PA Chester 10-D6 389-A8 48099-E6 PHI1513-E6
Mount Holly,NJ Burlington 10-D6 389-L8 48109-B1 PHI1523-B1
Media,PA Delaware 10-D6 389-D9 48302-A5 PHI1556-A5
Philadelphia,PA Philadelphia 10-D6 389-F9 48304-F1 PHI1558-F1
Camden,NJ Camden 10-D6 389-G9 48305-D2 PHI1559-D2
Gettysburg,PA Adams 10-B6 387-D11 48680-C1 PHI1614-C1
Woodbury,NJ Gloucester 10-D6 389-F11 48704-H2 PHI1638-H2
Berkeley Springs,WV Morgan 14-A1 406-C3 49268-D5 WAS 542-D5
Hagerstown,MD Washington 14-A1 406-J3 49274-D4 WAS 548-D4
Westminster,MD Carroll 14-B1 407-F5 49682-J1 WAS 616-J1
Martinsburg,WV Berkeley 14-A1 406-F6 49871-D7 WAS 635-D7
Bel Air,MD Harford 14-C1 408-C6 49890-F1 WAS 654-F1
Frederick,MD Frederick 14-B1 407-A7 52077-H7 WAS 671-H7
Towson,MD Baltimore 14-B1 407-L8 52287-E6 WAS 711-E6
Charles Town,WV Jefferson 14-A1 406-G10 52672-F4 WAS 756-F4
Baltimore,MD Baltimore 14-B1 407-L10 52687-D7 WAS 771-D7
Ellicott City,MD Howard 14-B1 407-J11 52885-C2 WAS 799-C2
Chestertown,MD Kent 14-C2 428-F1 53093-J3 WAS 837-J3
Berryville,VA Clarke 14-A2 426-F2 53271-A1 WAS 845-A1
Leesburg,VA Loudoun 14-A2 426-L2 53276-B7 WAS 850-B7
Rockville,MD Montgomery 14-B2 427-D3 53480-J6 WAS 884-J6
Centreville,MD Queen Anne's 14-C2 428-F4 53693-J6 WAS 927-J6
Annapolis,MD Anne Arundel 14-C2 428-A6 54088-G1 WAS 982-G1
Arlington,VA Arlington 14-B2 427-E7 54281-D6 WAS1005-D6
Washington,DC Washington 14-B2 427-F7 54282-C4 WAS1006-C4
Fairfax,VA Fairfax 14-B2 427-C8 54479-A2 WAS1033-A2
Upper Marlboro,MD Prince George's 14-B2 427-J9 54685-F1 WAS1069-F1
Easton,MD Talbot 14-C2 428-F10 54893-H2 WAS1107-H2
La Plata,MD Charles 14-B3 447-F3 55682-J5 WAS1216-J5
Prince Frederick,MD Calvert 14-B3 447-L3 55687-E4 WAS1221-E4
Cambridge,MD Dorchester 14-C3 448-F3 55693-G2 WAS1227-G2
Culpeper,VA Culpeper 14-A3 446-E4 55870-E3 WAS1234-E3
Stafford,VA Stafford 14-B3 447-A5 56077-F5 WAS1271-F5
Orange,VA Orange 14-A3 446-D8  ?-A6 WAS1353-A6
Fredericksburg,VA Fredericksburg 14-A3 446-L8 56676-H1 WAS1360-H1
King George, VA King George 14-B3 447-D8 56680-C6 WAS1364-C6
Leonardtown,MD St. Mary's 14-B3 447-K8 56686-J4 WAS1370-J4
Spotsylvania Courthouse,VA Spotsylvania 14-A3 446-K9 56875-D7 WAS1389-D7
Bowling Green,VA Caroline 14-B4 467-B1 57478-B7 WAS1482-B7
Montross,VA Westmoreland 14-B4 467-H1 57484-F3 WAS1488-F3
Louisa,VA Louisa 14-A4 466-E2 57670-C2 WAS1504-C2
Tappahannock,VA Essex 14-B4 467-H4 58084-A6 WAS1578-A6
Warsaw,VA Richmond 14-B4 467-J4 58085-D1 WAS1579-D1
Palmyra,VA Fluvanna 14-A4 466-B5 58267-A3 WAS1591-A3
Goochland,VA Goochland 14-A4 466-F9 59071-E1 WAS1715-E1
King William,VA King William 14-B4 467-F9 59082-B2 WAS1726-B2
King and Queen Court House,VA King and Queen 14-B4 467-G9 59083-H5 WAS1727-H5
Powhatan,VA Powhatan 14-A4 466-F11 59471-A6 WAS1775-A6
Cumberland,VA Cumberland 14-A5 486-B1 59667-A4 WAS1801-A4
Richmond,VA Richmond 14-A5 486-L1 59676-F2 WAS1810-F2
New Kent,VA New Kent 14-B5 487-F1 59682-E5 WAS1816-E5
Chesterfield Court House,VA Chesterfield 14-A5 486-L4 62276-A2 WAS1900-A2
Charles City,VA Charles City 14-B5 487-E5 62481-C1 WAS1935-C1
Hopewell,VA Hopewell 14-B5 487-B6 62678-E1 WAS1962-E1
Prince George, VA Prince George 14-B5 487-B7 62878-F4 WAS1992-F4
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
White Mountain,NH/ME 7-B5 253-D3 27746-C1
Green Mountain,VT 6-F6 271-H8 32928-J5
Finger Lakes,NY 10-B2 307-K2 36086-D2
Allegheny,PA 9-F3 325-F7 39260-C2
George Washington & Jefferson,VA/WV 13-E3 444-L8 56654-A7
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Acadia,ME 7-E4 236
Shenandoah,VA 14-A3 446-A3 55666-D1 WAS1200-D1
Name,SN Team Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Fenway Park,MA Boston Red Sox 11-B2 313-H4 36550-H3 BOS824-H3
Gillette Stadium,MA New England Patriots 11-B2 313-G9 37549-B4 BOS973-B4
MetLife Stadium,NJ New York Giants & New York Jets 10-E5 370-H2 44717-D7 NY851-D7
Yankee Stadium,NY New York Yankees 10-E5 370-K2 44719-A4 NY853-A4
Citi Field,NY New York Mets 10-E5 370-L3 44920-A7 NY894-A7
Heinz Field,PA Pittsburg Steelers 9-E5 364-D8 45847-J2 PIT701-J2
PNC Park,PA Pittsburgh Pirates 9-E5 364-E8 45848-A2 PIT702-A2
Lincoln Financial Field,PA Philadelphia Eagles 10-D6 389-F9 48304-F7 PHI1558-F7
Citizens Bank Park,PA Philadelphia Phillies 10-D6 389-F9 48304-G7 PHI1558-G7
Oriole Park at Camden Yards,MD Baltimore Orioles 14-B1 407-L10 52687-D7 BAL771-D7
M&T Bank Stadium,MD Baltimore Ravens 14-B1 407-L11 52887-C1 BAL801-C1
Nationals Park,DC Washington Nationals 14-B2 427-F7 54282-F7 WAS1006-F7
FedExField,MD Washington Redskins 14-B2 427-H7 54284-D3 WAS1008-D3
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Augusta,ME 7-C4 234-L8 26564-A3
Montpelier,VT 7-A4 232-B11 27133-C6
Concord,NH 7-B6 273-C9 33145-C6
Albany,NY 10-E1 290-L10 35520-F5
Boston,MA 11-B2,UR 313-J4 36551-C1 BOS825-C1
Providence,RI 11-B3,UC 333-E3 38547-E7 BOS1121-E7
Hartford,CT 11-A3 332-B5 38933-C6
Harrisburg,PA 10-B6 387-H2 46884-F4
Trenton,NJ 10-D6,UR 389-L3 47109-D5 PHI1323-D5
Dover,DE 14-D2 429-B2 53300-D4
Annapolis,MD 14-C2 428-A6 54088-G1 BAL982-G1
Washington,DC 14-B2,MC 427-F7 54282-C4 WAS1006-C4
Charleston,WV 13-C3 442-E3 55626-F6
Richmond,VA 14-A5 486-L1 59676-J1
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Mount Katahdin,ME 7-D1 175-G9 18171-E4
Mount Mansfield,VT 6-F4 231-K6 26130-E1
Mount Washington,NH 7-B4 233-E10 26947-B5
Mount Marcy,NY 6-E1 250-J3 27718-D7
Mount Greylock,MA 10-F1 291-G10 35527-C6
Mount Frissell,CT 10-F2 311-C11 37923-J3
Jerimoth Hill,RI 11-B3 333-A3 38543-E5 BOS1117-E5
High Point,NJ 10-E4 350-A3 42710-E7
Mount Davis,PA 9-F6 385-C10 48457-C6
Ebright Azimuth,DE 10-D6 389-B11 48700-E2 PHI1634-E2
Hoye-Crest,MD 13-E1 404-K10 52653-B3
Fort Reno Park,DC 14-B2 427-E6 54081-H3 WAS975-H3
Spruce Knob,WV 13-E2 424-J9 54652-C7
Mount Rogers,VA 13-C6 502-D4 64425-G2

Region 6: Pacific Southwest[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Sacramento Metropolitan,CA 9-D2 224-C1 28791-B1 SAC 256-B1
University of California Davis,CA 9-C2 223-L4 29530-H3 NCA 375-H3
Nut Tree,CA 9-C2 223-J7 32028-F2 NCA 433-F2
Rio Vista,CA 9-D2 224-A11 32631-G1 NCA 516-G1
Oakland,CA 9-C3 243-F9 33975-C1 NCA 690-C1
San Francisco,CA 9-C3 243-D11 34273-D1 NCA 728-D1
San Jose,CA 9-C4 263-J5 35028-G2 NCA 833-G2
Mesquite,NV 10-F5 292-G2 36325-D1 LVN 487-D1
Overton,NV 10-F5 292-B7 37070-H5 LVN 632-H5
North Las Vegas,NV 10-E6 311-D4 38261-H3 LVN 863-H3
McCarran,NV 10-E6 311-E6 38562-E6 LVN 924-E6
Henderson,NV 10-E6 311-E8 38862-G7 LVN 984-G7
Van Nuys,CA 14-A4 387-H1 44861-E3 SCA 531-E3
Ontario,CA 14-B4 388-H4 45082-H1 SCA 642-H1
Los Angeles,CA 14-A4 387-J6 45202-F5 SCA 702-F5
Palm Springs,CA 14-C4 389-L8 45346-J1 SCA 786-J1
Long Beach,CA 14-B4 388-A9 45385-J1 SCA 795-J1
John Wayne,CA 14-B4 388-E11 45509-F6 SCA 859-F6
Fallbrook.CA 14-C5 409-B6 45877-F6 SCA1027-F6
Borrego Valley,CA 14-D5 410-C8 46009-F2 SCA1079-F2
Oceanside,CA 14-C5 409-A9 46056-D4 SCA1086-D4
Ocotillo,CA 14-D5 410-F10 46132-B2 SCA1122-B2
McClellan–Palomar,CA 14-C5 409-B11 46177-D2 SCA1127-D2
Ramona,CA 14-C6 429-G1 46242-A6 SCA1152-A6
Agua Caliente,CA 14-D6 430-D3 46370-B1 SCA1200-B1
Montgomery Field,CA 14-C6 429-D6 46539-C3 SCA1249-C3
Gillespie Field,CA 14-C6 429-F6 46541-E1 SCA1251-E1
San Diego,CA 14-C6 429-C8 46658-G1 SCA1288-G1
Brown Field,CA 14-C6 429-F11 46841-E1 SCA1351-E1
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Auburn,CA Placer 9-D1 204-J8 28489-D2 SAC 182-D2
Placerville,CA El Dorado 9-E1 205-A11 28942-G5 SAC 245-G5
Woodland,CA Yolo 9-C2 223-L1 29080-J3 NCA 315-J3
Sacramento,CA Sacramento 9-D2 224-D3 29384-F7 SAC 297-F7
Santa Rosa,CA Sonoma 9-B2 222-L5 29669-G5 NCA 384-G5
Napa,CA Napa 9-C2 223-E8 32174-E5 NCA 449-E5
Fairfield,CA Solano 9-C2 223-H9 32327-E5 NCA 472-E5
Martinez,CA Contra Costa 9-C3 243-G3 33076-D2 NCA 571-D2
San Rafael,CA Marin 9-C3 243-B4 33221-F1 NCA 586-F1
San Francisco,CA San Francisco 9-C3 243-C7 33672-J7 NCA 647-J7
Oakland,CA Alameda 9-C3 243-E7 33674-G4 NCA 649-G4
Redwood City,CA San Mateo 9-C4 263-F2 34575-A6 NCA 770-A6
San Jose,CA Santa Clara 9-C4 263-K5 35029-B6 NCA 834-B6
Santa Cruz,CA Santa Cruz 9-C5 283-H1 36077-D7 NCA 972-D7
Hollister,CA San Benito 9-D5 284-E4 36535-A4 NCA1040-A4
Salinas,CA Monterey 9-D5 284-A7 36981-H6 NCA1096-H6
Las Vegas,NV Clark 10-E6 311-E4 38262-F7 LVN 864-F7
San Luis Obispo,CA San Luis Obispo 13-E2 345-B2 43003-J5 CCA 653-J5
Santa Barbara,CA Santa Barbara 13-F3 366-C8 44535-J3 CCA 995-J3
Ventura,CA Ventura 13-F3 366-K11 44782-A2 SCA 492-A2
San Bernardino,CA San Bernardino 14-C4 389-A3 45016-G1 SCA 606-G1
Los Angeles,CA Los Angeles 14-A4 387-L4 45074-F4 SCA 634-F4
Riverside,CA Riverside 14-B4 388-L6 45215-E2 SCA 715-E2
Santa Ana,CA Orange 14-B4 388-E10 45449-D4 SCA 829-D4
San Diego,CA San Diego 14-C6 429-D8 46659-A3 SCA1289-A3
Interstate Junction Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
5 8 14-C6 429-C7 46598-E4 SCA1268-E4
5 10 14-A4 387-L4 45074-J6 SCA 634-J6
5 80 9-D2 224-D2 29234-A4 SAC 277-A4
8 5 14-C6 429-C7 46598-E4 SCA1268-E4
10 5 14-A4 387-L4 45074-J6 SCA 634-J6
80 5 9-D2 224-D2 29234-A4 SAC 277-A4
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Redwood,CA 5-A3 121-H3 14405-J6
Lassen Volcanic,CA 5-D4 144-D9 23684-F7
Great Basin,NV 10-F1 212-C3 27821-C4
Yosemite,CA 9-F3 246-E9 34007-B1
Kings Canyon,CA 10-A5 287-E5 36718-F5
Sequoia,CA 10-A5 287-D10 37467-D1
Death Valley,CA 10-C6 309-F4 38241-F6
Channel Islands,CA 13-F4 386-G5
Joshua Tree,CA 14-D4 390-H8 45354-G4
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Rogue River–Siskiyou,CA 5-B2 102-H2 12616-D1
Modoc,CA 5-E2 105-A10 13842-A5
Klamath,CA 5-B2 102-H11 13966-A3
Shasta-Trinity,CA 5-C3 123-G7 15026-G7
Six Rivers,CA 5-B4 142-B11 23960-A6
Lassen,CA 5-D5 164-C6 24883-D6
Plumas,CA 5-E5 165-A9 25342-F7
Mendocino,CA 5-B6 182-K4 26218-E2
Tahoe,CA 5-E6 185-D9 26995-J6
Humboldt-Toiyabe,NV/CA 6-C6 189-A11 27336-E5
Eldorado,CA 9-E1 205-G10 28798-E5
Stanislaus,CA 9-E2 225-L11 32652-A6
Inyo,CA/NV 10-A3 247-K6 33573-A5
Sierra,CA 9-F4 266-K7 35362-A3
Sequoia,CA 10-A6 307-G9 38970-G2
Los Padres,CA 13-F3 366-C3 44085-D5 CCA905-D5
Angeles,CA 14-B3 368-A9 44645-J7
San Bernardino,CA 14-D5 410-B3 45708-B1 SCA968-B1
Cleveland,CA 14-C6 429-L7 46606-C3 SCA1276-C3
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Carson City,NV 9-F1 206-C3 27755-B2
Sacramento,CA 9-D2 223-D3 29384-F7 SAC297-F7
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Boundary Peak,NV 10-A3 247-J6 33572-C6
Mount Whitney,CA 10-A5 287-K9 37323-D6

Region 7: Four Corners[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Brigham City,UT 1-E6 124-A2 14044-F3 SAL 499-F3
Ogden Airport,UT 1-E6 124-B9 15445-A4 SAL 640-A4
Ogden Air Force,UT 1-E6 124-B10 15645-E7 SAL 660-E7
Morgan,UT 1-E6 124-D10 15647-H4 SAL 662-H4
Bountiful,UT 5-E1 144-B4 16645-H7 SAL 760-H7
Salt Lake City,UT 5-E1 144-B6 17045-C4 SAL 800-C4
Toole,UT 5-D1 143-H9 17640-H6 SAL 855-H6
West Jordan,UT 5-E1 144-A9 17644-J6 SAL 859-J6
Heber City,UT 5-E2 164-H1 18251-E6 SAL 926-E6
Greeley,CO 6-F2 171-L1 18331-A3 DEN 500-A3
Provo,UT 5-E2 164-D6 19247-J6 SAL1022-J6
Longmont,CO 6-F2 171-E7 19525-A1 DEN 614-A1
Boulder,CO 6-F2 171-D9 19924-D5 DEN 653-D5
Erie,CO 6-F2 171-F10 22126-E1 DEN 675-E1
Broomfield,CO 6-F3 191-E1 22525-H1 DEN 714-H1
Denver,CO 6-F3 191-L1 22531-A6 DEN 720-A6
Stapleton,CO 6-F3 191-H3 22928-F4 DEN 757-F4
Aurora,CO 7-A3 192-A3 22932-F1 DEN 761-F1
Aurora Air Force,CO 6-F3 191-K4 23130-C7 DEN 779-C7
Centennial,CO 6-F3 191-J7 23729-B5 DEN 838-B5
United States Air Force Academy,CO 6-F4 211-J7 25929-E7 DEN1058-E7
Meadow Lake,CO 7-A4 212-A8 26132-J5 DEN1081-J5
Ellicott,CO 7-A4 212-C9 26???-J7 DEN1103-J7
Colorado Spring,CO 6-F4 211-L11 26731-E4 DEN1140-E4
Pueblo,CO 7-A5 232-C10 28734-D4 DEN1332-D4
Phoenix Deer Valley,AZ 13-D2 403-H3 53040-G1 PHX 538-G1
Scottsdale,AZ 13-D2 403-K4 53242-H4 PHX 580-H4
Buckeye Municipal,AZ 13-C2 402-L8 54032-H1 PHX 730-H1
Phoenix Goodyear,AZ 13-D2 403-D8 54036-H1 PHX 734-H1
Phoenix Sky Harbor,AZ 13-D2 403-J8 54041-E2 PHX 739-E2
Phoenix–Mesa Gateway,AZ 13-E2 404-C10 54446-A6 PHX 824-A6
Tucson,AZ 13-E5 464-L1 59254-H5 PHX1792-H5
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Logan,UT Cache 1-E5 104-D9 13247-D6 SAL 422-D6
Brigham City,UT Box Elder 1-E6 124-B3 14245-B2 SAL 520-B2
Ogden,UT Weber 1-E6 124-B8 15245-F6 SAL 620-F6
Morgan,UT Morgan 5-E1 144-E1 16048-H5 SAL 703-H5
Farmington,UT Davis 5-E1 144-C2 16246-C5 SAL 721-C5
Coalville,UT Summit 5-E1 144-J4 16652-A2 SAL 767-A2
Salt Lake City,UT Salt Lake 5-E1 144-C7 17246-C2 SAL 821-C2
Fort Collins,CO Larimer 6-F1 151-E10 17925-H2 DEN 454-H2
Tooele,UT Toole 5-D1 143-J11 18041-D3 SAL 896-D3
Heber City,UT Wasatch 5-E2 164-H1 18251-G2 SAL 926-G2
Greeley,CO Weld 6-F2 171-K1 18330-B6 DEN 499-B6
Provo,UT Utah 5-E2 164-E6 19248-G3 SAL1023-G3
Boulder,CO Boulder 6-F2 171-C10 22123-H1 DEN 672-H1
Brighton,CO Adams 6-F2 171-J10 22129-D5 DEN 678-D5
Broomfield,CO Broomfield 6-F2 171-F11 22326-D5 DEN 695-D5
Central City,CO Gilpin 6-F3 191-A3 22921-B4 DEN 750-B4
Golden,CO Jefferson 6-F3 191-D4 23124-H3 DEN 773-H3
Denver,CO Denver 6-F3 191-G4 23127-E3 DEN 776-E3
Nephi,UT Juab 5-E3 184-C5 23246-E6 SAL1221-E6
Littleton,CO Arapahoe 6-F3 191-G7 23727-C1 DEN 836-C1
Castle Rock,CO Douglas 6-F3 191-J11 24529-C4 DEN 918-C4
Kiowa,CO Elbert 7-A3 192-B11 24533-J6 DEN 922-J6
Colorado Springs,CO El Paso 6-F4 211-K10 26530-D4 DEN1119-D4
Cripple Creek,CO Teller 6-F5 231-E1 26925-H7 DEN1154-H7
Cañon City,CO Fremont 6-F5 231-E7 28125-D7 DEN1274-D7
Pueblo,CO Pueblo 7-A5 232-A11 28932-H1 DEN1361-H1
Phoenix,AZ Maricopa 13-D2 403-H7 53840-H6 PHX699-H6
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Caribou-Targhee,UT 1-D5 103-L5 12443-J4
Uinta-Wasatch-Cache,UT 1-E6 124-H8 15251-G5 SAL,626-G5
Ashley,UT 6-A1 146-B10 17867-A1
Roosevelt,CO 6-E1 150-K11 18119-J1
Arapaho,CO 6-E3 190-G6 23516-C1
White River,CO 6-D3 189-G8 23905-A6
Pike,CO 6-F4 211-C4 25323-J4 DEN,992-J4
Grand Mesa,CO 6-C4 208-F7 25893-B4
Fishlake,UT 5-E5 224-A3 27244-F5
Gunnison,CO 6-D5 229-C3 27301-D6
San Isabel,CO 6-E5 230-G9 28516-J2
Manti La Sal,UT/CO 6-B5 227-C10 28679-H4
Dixie,UT 5-E6 244-F1 29049-H5
Uncompahgre,CO 6-C6 248-C1 29090-G5
Rio Grande,CO 10-D1 269-L1 33309-A1
San Juan,CO 10-C1 268-J5 34096-E5
Carson,NM 10-E3 310-G2 37916-C5
Kaibab,AZ 9-D4 323-H2 42040-J7
Santa Fe,NM 10-E6 370-F1 46315-C2
Coconino,AZ 9-E6 364-D4 46847-J4
Prescott,AZ 9-D6 363-D5 47036-J4
Cibola,NM 14-C1 388-L1 48498-B7
Tonto,AZ 13-E1 384-G11 52450-J3 PHX,569-J3
Apache-Sitgreaves,AZ/NM 14-B2 407-C2 52879-A7
Gila,NM 14-C2 409-A11 54688-G6
Lincoln,NM 14-F3 431-F6 55926-C2
Coronado,AZ/NM 13-F4 445-D5 57858-E1
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Rocky Mountain,CO 6-E2 170-J4 18918-F1
Arches,UT 6-A5 226-H4 27473-B4
Black Canyon of the Gunnison,CO 2,6-C5 228-H6 27895-E5
Capitol Reef,UT 2,5-E6 244-K2 29253-H6
Canyonlands,UT 2,6-A6 246-E3 29470-H5
Great Sand Dunes,CO 3 251-B11 3122-D2
Bryce Canyon,UT 9-D1 263-J2 33441-E5
Zion,UT 9-C1 262-K10 35031-C4
Mesa Verde,CO 10-B2 287-K1 35486-C1
Grand Canyon,AZ 9-D3 303-J11 39641-C4
Petrified Forest,AZ 10-A5 346-D9 45669-J2
Carlsbad Caverns,NM 15-A4 452-H9 58739-G5
Saguaro,AZ 13-F4 445-F10 58860-F1
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Salt Lake City,UT 5-E1 144-C7 17246-C2 SAL821-C2
Denver,CO 6-F3,UC 191-G4 23127-E3 DEN776-E3
Santa Fe,NM 10-E4 330-J8 43318-A1
Phoenix,AZ 13-D2 403-H7 53840-H6 PHX699-H6
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Kings Peak,UT 5-F1 145-J7 17263-J2
Mount Elbert,CO 6-E4 210-A6 25710-E3
Wheeler Peak,NM 10-F3 311-D1 37724-C2
Humphreys Peak,AZ 9-E5 344-C3 44446-E5

Region 8: South Central[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Denton,TX 6-F3 321-D8 36124-F1 DAL 707-F1
Fort Worth Alliance,TX 6-F4 351-C1 37123-A2 DAL 786-A2
Addison,TX 6-F4 351-J1 37129-C5 DAL 792-C5
Dallas-Fort Worth,TX 6-F4 351-F3 37626-F1 DAL 829-F1
Meacham Field,TX 6-F4 351-B4 37872-D4 DAL 845-D4
Dallas Love Field,TX 6-F4 351-J4 37879-A1 DAL 852-A1
Dallas Executive,TX 6-F4 351-H7 38628-H3 DAL 911-H3
Fort Worth Spinks,TX 6-F4 351-C9 39123-A4 DAL 946-A4
Waco,TX 6-F6 411-C6 45873-J2 DAL1326-J2
Austin,TX 10-E3 500-H1 54867-J1 SAN1069-J1
New Orleans,LA 12-B3 509-H2 55216-D4 NOR 787-D4
George Bush IC,TX 11-B3 503-F5 55898-H2 HOU 809-H2
Camp Bullis,TX 10-D3 499-G10 57105-H6 SAN1327-H6
WP Hobby,TX 11-B3 503-G11 57399-G7 HOU 930-G7
Ellington Field,TX 11-B4 533-J1 57651-D5 HOU 952-D5
San Antonio,TX 10-D4 529-J2 57857-A7 SAN1419-A7
Randolph,TX 10-D4 529-L2 57859-F7 SAN1421-F7
Fort Sam Houston,TX 10-D4 529-J3 58107-F7 SAN1449-F7
Joint Base San Antonio,TX 10-D4 529-J4 58357-D4 SAN1479-D4
Lackland,TX 10-D4 529-G5 58605-F5 SAN1507-F5
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Rockwall,TX Rockwall 7-A4 352-C2 37384-A5 DAL817-A5
Fort Worth,TX Tarrant 6-F4 351-B5 38122-H6 DAL865-H6
Dallas,TX Dallas 6-F4 351-H5 38128-G3 DAL871-G3
Kaufman,TX Kaufman 7-A4 352-E9 39136-A2 DAL959-A2
Waxahachie,TX Ellis 6-F5 381-J1 39879-A6 DAL1012-A6
Cleburne,TX Johnson 6-F5 381-A2 42121-J5 DAL1024-J5
Glen Rose,TX Somervell 6-E5 380-H4 42617-C7 DAL1060-C7
Georgetown,TX Williamson 10-E2 470-H3 52617-H1 SAN799-H1
Fredericksburg,TX Gillespie 10-D2 469-D10 54352-A1 SAN994-A1
Johnson City,TX Blanco 10-D2 469-K10 54358-B2 SAN1000-B2
Austin,TX Travis 10-E2 470-G10 54366-H7 SAN1008-H7
Giddings,TX Lee 10-F3 501-G1 54877-G3 SAN1079-G3
Edgard,LA St. John the Baptist 12-B3 509-D1 54962-E7 NOR763-E7
Bastrop,TX Bastrop 10-F3 501-B2 55122-F5 SAN1104-F5
New Orleans,LA Orleans 12-B3 509-L2 55219-J6 NOR790-B6
Kerrville,TX Kerr 10-C3 498-L3 55348-D4 SAN1110-D4
Hempstead,TX Waller 11-A3 502-H3 55389-A2 HOU760-A2
Liberty,TX Liberty 11-C3 504-C3 55406-A6 HOU777-A6
Hahnville,LA St. Charles 12-B3 509-F3 55464-D1 NOR-805-D1
Gretna,LA Jefferson 12-B3 509-L3 55469-B6 NOR810-B6
Chalmette,LA St. Bernard 12-C3 510-A3 55470-D1 NOR811-D1
San Marcos,TX Hays 10-E3 500-E7 56364-C2 SAN1246-C2
Lockhart,TX Caldwell 10-E3 500-H7 56367-H2 SAN1249-H2
Boerne,TX Kendall 10-D3 499-E8 56603-G4 SAN1265-G4
Bandera,TX Bandera 10-D3 499-A9 56849-B5 SAN1291-B5
Houston,TX Harris 11-B3 503-F9 56898-C5 HOU889-C5
Anahuac,TX Chambers 11-C3 504-D9 56907-G3 HOU898-G3
New Braunfels,TX Comal 10-E3 500-B10 57111-G5 SAN1333-G5
Pointe à la Hache,LA Plaquemines 12-C3 510-C10 57222-J2 NOR953-J2
Seguin,TX Guadalupe 10-E4 530-D2 57863-H1 SAN1425-H1
Richmond,TX Fort Bend 11-B4 533-A2 57893-C2 HOU964-C2
Gonzales,TX Gonzales 10-E4 530-L3 58120-G4 SAN1462-G4
Hallettsville,TX Lavaca 10-F4 531-G4 58377-E7 SAN1499-E7
San Antonio,TX Bexar 10-D4 529-H5 58606-F1 SAN1508-F1
Hondo,TX Medina 10-C4 528-L6 58848-A2 SAN1530-A2
Galveston,TX Galveston 11-C4 534-B7 59155-H7 HOU1076-H7
Floresville,TX Wilson 10-E4 530-B10 59861-B5 SAN1663-B5
Cuero,TX DeWitt 10-F4 531-B11 62122-H6 SAN1704-H6
Jourdanton,TX Atascosa 10-D5 559-G3 62855-H6 SAN1777-H6
Interstate Junction Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
10 35 10-D4 529-H5 58606-E4 SAN1508-E4
10 37 10-D4 529-H5 58606-J4 SAN1508-J4
10 45 11-B3 503-F9 56898-F4 HOU889-F4
20 30 6-E4 350-K6 38369-G3 DAL882-G3
20 35W 6-F4 351-B7 38622-J4 DAL905-J4
20 35E 6-F4 351-J8 38879-J4 DAL932-D1
20 45 6-F4 351-K7 38630-F5 DAL913-F5
30 20 6-E4 350-K6 38369-G3 DAL882-G3
35 10 10-D4 529-H5 58606-E4 SAN1508-E4
35W 20 6-F4 351-B7 38622-J4 DAL905-J4
35E 20 6-F4 351-J8 38879-J4 DAL932-D1
37 10 10-D4 529-H5 58606-J4 SAN1508-J4
45 10 11-B3 503-F9 56898-F4 HOU889-F4
45 20 6-F4 351-K7 38630-F5 DAL913-F5
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Ozark-St. Francis,AR 3-D5 205-J2 19673-B3
Ouachita,AR/OK 7-C1 264-L1 26914-E5
Delta,LA 3-A4 358-K3 37707-D4
Sabine,TX 7-D6 415-C8 46417-J1
Davy Crockett,TX 11-B1 443-J1 47401-H3
Angelina,TX 11-C1 444-J2 47662-F6
Kisatchie,LA 11-E1 446-J6 48684-F3
Sam Houston,TX 11-B2 473-F5 53148-G4
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Hot Springs,AR 7-E1 266-B3 27427-D4
Guadalupe Mountains,TX 5-C5 372-C5 42774-E6
Big Bend,TX 9-D4 523-L4 58293-A7
Name,SN Team Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
AT&T Stadium,TX Dallas Cowboys 6-F4 351-E5 38125-J7 DAL868-J7
Globe Life Park in Arlington,TX Texas Rangers 6-F4 351-F5 38126-A7 DAL869-A7
Mercedes-Benz Superdome,LA New Orleans Saints 12-B3 509-K3 55468-H1 NOR809-H1
Minute Maid Park,TX Houston Astros 11-B3 503-F9 56898-G6 HOU889-G6
NRG Stadium,TX Houston Texans 11-B3 503-E11 57397-J2 HOU-928-J2
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Oklahoma City,OK 2-E5 200-L7 22870-G1
Little Rock,AR 3-E6 236-L9 26186-D6
Baton Rouge,LA 12-A2 478-G5 53204-D1
Austin,TX 10-E2 470-G10 54366-H7 SAN,1008-H7
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Black Mesa,OK 1,1-E2 104
Mount Magazine,AR 3-D6 235-E1 24169-F7
Driskill Mountain,LA 7-E4 356-E11 39680-C4
Guadalupe Peak,TX 5-C5 372-C6 43024-E7

Region 9: Southeast[edit]

Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Hartsfield Atlanta,GA 6-F2 209-E7 29353-F7 ATL 748-F7
Jacksonville,FL 11-C2 332-H3 48889-D5 JAX 592-D5
Orlando,FL 11-D5 393-B11 63144-J1 ORL 748-J1
Tampa,FL 11-B6 411-H9 65378-D3 TAM 712-D3
St. Petersburg-Clearwater,FL 11-B6 411-F10 65626-C5 TAM 730-C5
North Palm Beach County General Aviation,FL 15-E2 454-G8 72660-B6 MIA 616-B6
Palm Beach,FL 15-E2 454-J11 73412-A7 MIA 648-A7
Palm Beach County Park,FL 15-E3 474-J2 73912-B6 MIA 668-B6
Boca Raton,FL 15-E3 474-H6 74911-J7 MIA 707-J7
Pompano Beach,FL 15-E3 474-H9 75661-J5 MIA 737-J5
Fort Lauderdale Executive,FL 15-E3 474-H10 75911-B5 MIA 747-B5
Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood,FL 15-E4 494-H2 76661-E1 MIA 777-E1
North Perry,FL 15-E4 494-G3 76910-C4 MIA 786-C4
Opa-locka Executive,FL 15-E4 494-F5 77409-H3 MIA 805-H3
Miami,FL 15-E4 494-F7 77909-G5 MIA 825-G5
Kendall-Tamiami Executive,FL 15-E4 494-E10 78657-G4 MIA 853-G4
Homestead General Aviation,FL 15-E5 514-C2 79406-B4 MIA 882-B4
Homestead Air Reserve Base,FL 15-E5 514-E2 79408-E5 MIA 884-E5
County Seats[edit]
Name,SN County Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Cartersville,GA Bartow 6-E1 188-L8 26848-J1 ATL 543-J1
Marietta,GA Cobb 6-F2 209-D1 27852-C5 ATL 627-C5
Lawrenceville,GA Gwinnett 6-F2 209-L1 27859-C6 ATL 634-C6
Dallas,GA Paulding 6-E2 208-L2 28098-D3 ATL 643-D3
Douglasville,GA Douglas 6-F2 209-A5 28849-H5 ATL 704-H5
Atlanta,GA Fulton 6-F2 209-F5 28854-B5 ATL 709-B5
Decatur,GA DeKalb 6-F2 209-G5 28855-C3 ATL 710-C3
Jonesboro,GA Clayton 6-F2 209-F10 32104-E2 ATL 809-E2
McDonough,GA Henry 6-F2 209-J11 32357-B6 ATL 832-B6
Newnan,GA Coweta 6-E3 3228-L1 32598-J7 ATL 843-J7
Jacksonville,FL Duval 11-C2 332-H6 49639-G6 JAX 652-G6
Macclenny,FL Baker 11-C2 332-B7 49883-G7 JAX 666-G7
Lake Butler,FL Union 11-B3 351-K2 53380-G1 JAX 783-G1
Green Cove Springs,FL Clay 11-C3 352-H2 53389-E4 JAX 792-E4
Starke,FL Bradford 11-C3 352-B3 53633-H4 JAX 806-H4
St. Augustine,FL St. Johns 11-D3 353-B4 53894-E3 JAX 837-E3
Gainesville,FL Alachua 11-B3 351-L9 55131-A3 JAX 924-A3
Palatka,FL Putnam 11-C3 352-J9 55140-A2 JAX 933-A2
Tavares,FL Lake 11-C5 392-H3 59139-A7 ORL 583-A7
Sanford,FL Seminole 11-D5 393-C4 59395-C1 ORL 609-C1
Titusville,FL Brevard 11-D5 393-J7 62151-E6 ORL 675-E6
Orlando,FL Orange 11-D5 393-C11 63145-A3 ORL 749-A3
Dade City,FL Pasco 11-C6 412-A1 63382-J5 TAM 556-J5
Kissimmee,FL Osceola 11-D6 413-A2 63643-E5 ORL 787-E5
Clearwater,FL Pinellas 11-B6 411-E9 65375-C3 TAM 709-C3
Tampa,FL Hillsborough 11-B6 411-J9 65379-D6 TAM 713-D6
Bartow,FL Polk 11-C6 412-F10 65637-H6 TAM 741-H6
Bradenton,FL Manatee 15-B1 431-G7 67627-G7 TAM 891-G7
Fort Pierce,FL St. Lucie 15-E1 434-E8 67908-D2 ORL1142-D2
Sarasota,FL Sarasota 15-B1 431-H10 68378-D6 TAM 952-D6
Stuart,FL Martin 15-E2 454-F2 69159-H1 MIA 555-H1
Punta Gorda,FL Charlotte 15-C2 452-D8 72635-B1 TAM1139-B1
West Palm Beach,FL Palm Beach 15-E2 454-J11 73412-D4 MIA 648-D4
Fort Myers,FL Lee 15-C3 472-G2 73888-B7 TAM1242-B7
Fort Lauderdale,FL Broward 15-E3 474-H11 76161-F6 MIA 757-F6
Naples,FL Collier 15-C4 492-G1 76388-G1 TAM1442-G1
Miami,FL Miami-Dade 15-E4 494-G7 77910-F5 MIA 826-F5
Key West,FL Monroe 15-C6 532-H10 86039-B4 MIA1055-B4
National Forests[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Cherokee,TN/NC 3-C3 112-B6 13383-B6
Uwharrie,NC 3-E5 154-G6 18910-A2
Pisgah,NC 3-B5 151-D7 19124-E1
Nantahala,NC 3-A5 150-E9 19614-H5
Croatan,NC 4-B6 177-L3 22947-F1
Holly Springs,MS 2-A6 164-A5 23294-C7
Chattahoochee-Oconee,GA 2-F6 169-J7 23857-G6
Sumter,SC 3-C6 172-H11 24889-G4
William B. Bankhead,AL 6-C1 186-A5 26066-G7
Tombigbee,MS 6-A1 184-C9 27046-E5
Talladega,AL 6-D3 227-A4 33327-D7
Francis Marion,SC 7-E3 234-L5 33664-H3
Tuskegee,AL 6-E4 248-A8 37088-B4
Bienville,MS 5-F4 243-E9 37287-E4
Homochitto,MS 5-D6 281-G1 42767-C4
De Soto,MS 9-F1 303-L1 45543-C1
Conecuh,AL 10-C1 306-J2 45824-B1
Osceola,FL 11-B2 331-K7 49880-J6 JAX,663-J6
Apalachicola,FL 10-F2 329-A8 52099-J6
Ocala,FL 11-C4 372-F2 57387-H5
National Parks[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Great Smoky Mountains,TN 3-A4 130-F11 17365-B6
Congaree,SC 7-D2 213-H4 28650-C6
Biscayne,FL 15-E4 494-J10 78662-F3 MIA,858-F3
Everglades,FL 15-D5 513-H6 82400-J2
Dry Tortugas,FL 15-B6 531-C9 85873-J2
State Capitals[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal Metropolitan
Nashville,TN 2-C4 126-J1 14824-G2
Raleigh,NC 4-A4 136-A7 16426-C5
Columbia,SC 7-D1 193-D11 27646-H4
Atlanta,GA 6-F2,MC 209-F5 28854-B5 ATL,709-B5
Jackson,MS 5-E4 242-G8 37028-G6
Montgomery,AL 6-D4 247-C10 37579-D4
Tallahassee,FL 10-F2 329-G4 49105-D4
Highest Elevation by states[edit]
Name,SN Regional Area Universal
Mount Mitchell,NC 3-B4 131-L10 17131-A1
Clingmans Dome,TN 3-A5 150-F3 18115-F1
Sassafras Mountain,SC 3-B6 171-D1 22374-G7
Woodall Mountain,MS 2-B6 165-A5 23305-F4
Brasstown Bald,GA 3-A6 170-B5 23361-F5
Cheaha Mountain,AL 6-D2 207-J10 32085-J4
Britton Hill,FL 10-D1 307-B4 46328-G3

Product Listing 1945–2013[edit]

Title State name First edition Last edition TBM # (1977–99) TBM # (1970–77)
Alameda County CA 1953 2009 3028 101
Alameda County CENSUS CA 1973 1985 3128
Alameda County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?28
Alameda County LAMINATED CA 1999 2009 L3028
Alameda County ROCK CA 1973 1981 3228
Alameda County WALL MAP CA 1970 2009 60??
Alameda & Contra Costa Counties CA 1953 2009 4028 102
Alameda & Contra Costa Counties CENSUS CA 1986 1997 4128
Alameda & Contra Costa Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Alameda & Contra Costa Counties ROCK CA 1973 198? 4228
Alameda & Contra Costa Counties ZIP CA 198? 2000 4328
Alameda & Santa Clara Counties CA 1979 2004 4037
Alameda & Santa Clara Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L4037
Anne Arundel County MD 1998 2001 3086
Anne Arundel & Prince George Counties MD 2002 2003
Arizona Road Atlas AZ 2007 2007
Baltimore & Anne Arundel Counties MD 2006 2006
Baltimore & Vicinity WALL MAP MD 1999 200?
Baltimore City & County MD 2002 2003
Baltimore Metro MD 2003 2010
Bay Area Arterial CA 199? 199? 8055
Bay Area Counties CD-ROM CA 1997 1998 5202
Bay Area Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 2000 5202
Bay Area Freeway & Artery WALL MAP CA 1979 1995 8001
Bay Area Metro CA 2003 2010
Bay Area Metro COMBO PACKS CA 2003 2003
Bay Area Metro LAMINATED CA 2008 2008
Bay Area Sales & Marketing WALL MAP CA 1997  ?? 8001
Boise and the Snake River Valley ID 2007 2010
Boise and the Snake River Valley LAMINATED ID 2010 2010
California CD-ROM Geofinder CA 1997 1997 5199
California Folding Map CA 199? 199? 5001
California Road Atlas CA/NV 1982 2008 3001
California WALL MAP CA 197?  ?? 8091
Carroll & Howard Counties MD 2006 2006
Central California Sectional WALL MAP CA 198? 199? 8094
Central Los Angeles WALL MAP CA 1972 200? 6071
Central San Joaquin Valley CA 2005 2009
Central San Joaquin Valley LAMINATED CA 2009 2009
Central Valley Cities CA 1986 1998 3065
Central Valley Cities ZIP CA 1986 1998 3365
Clark County NV 1999 2003
Clark County COMBO PACKS NV 1999 2000
Clark County DIGITAL EDITION NV 1999 2002
Coachella/Palm Springs WALL MAP CA 19?? 199? 60??
Coachella Valley WALL MAP CA 19?? 200?
Contra Costa County CA 1953 2009 3027 105
Contra Costa County CENSUS CA 1973 1982 3127
Contra Costa County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?27
Contra Costa County LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Contra Costa County ROCK CA 1973 1981 3227
Contra Costa County WALL MAP CA 1970 199? 60??
Contra Costa & Alameda Counties CA 196? 197? N/A 102
Contra Costa & Solano Counties CA 1986 1999 4027
Contra Costa & Solano Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L4027
East Bay Wall Map CA 198?  ?? 6011
Eastern shore of Maryland MD 1996 1996
Frederick County MD 1999 2001
Frederick & Montgomery Counties MD 1996 1996
Fredericksburg Area VA 1999 1999
Fresno & Madera Counties CA 2001 2003
Fresno and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 1978 198? 6044
Fresno County CA 1978 1985 3044
Fresno County CENSUS CA 1978 1985 3144
Fresno County EARTHQUAKE CA 1982 1985 3?44
Frederick County MD 1999 2001
GeoFinder for Windows N/A 1997 1997 5200
GeoFinder for Windows Upgrade to Version 3.1 N/A 1996 1996 5201
Golden Gate Counties CA 1961 2000 4025 128
Golden Gate Counties CENSUS CA 1997 1997 4125
Golden Gate Counties CA 2000 2000
Golden Gate Counties ZIP CA 198? 2000 4325
Greater Orange County WALL MAP 200? 200?
Howard County MD 1998 2001 3085
Kern County CA 1980 2009 3050
Kern County CENSUS CA 1980 1985 3150
Kern County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?50
Kern County LAMINATED CA 2009 2009
Kern County WALL MAP CA 1980 198? 6050
King County WA 195? 2007 3090 137
King County CENSUS WA 1978 1981 3190
King County LAMINATED WA 2000 2001
King County WALL MAP WA 1971 200? 6081
King & Pierce Counties WA 1978 2009 4090 134
King & Pierce Counties LAMINATED WA 2001 200?
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties WA 1966 2010 4091 135
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties CENSUS WA 1988 1995 4191
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties DIGITAL EDITION WA 1999 1999 5291
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties GEOFINDER WA 1998 1998 5091
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties LARGE PRINT WA 1996 1996 4891
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties THOMAS GUIDE CD-ROM WA 1998 1998 5291
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties WALL MAP WA 19??  ?? 7090
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties WALL MAP ZIP WA 19??  ?? 7290
King, Pierce & Snohomish Counties ZIP WA 198? 1999 4391
King & Snohomish Counties WA 1978 2009 4092 138
King & Snohomish Counties LAMINATED WA 2000 2001
Kings & Tulare Counties CA 2001 2003
Kitsap County WA 2008 2008
Lancaster/Palmdale WALL MAP CA 200? 200?
Las Vegas NV 2006 2009
Las Vegas & Clark County NV 2004 2005
Las Vegas & Vicinity WALL MAP NV 1999 200?
Los Angeles (North) WALL MAP CA  ?? 200?
Los Angeles (South) WALL MAP CA  ?? 200?
Los Angeles County CA 1945 2010 3054 108
Los Angeles County CENSUS CA 1970 1985 3154
Los Angeles County COMMERCIAL CA 1955 1996 1454 109
Los Angeles County COMMERCIAL ASSESSORS CA 1973 1996 1554 110
Los Angeles County EARTHQUAKE CA 1982 1984 3?54
Los Angeles County EASY TO READ CA 2008 2009
Los Angeles County GEOFINDER CA 1994 1995
Los Angeles County LAMINATED EDITION CA 1999 2010 L3054
Los Angeles County ROCK CA 1966 1985 3254
Los Angeles County SPANISH CA 1999 1999
Los Angeles County ZIP CA 1972 2000 3354 115
Los Angeles/Orange/Ventura Counties GEOFINDER CA 1997 1997 5133
Los Angeles & Orange Counties CA 1953 2013 4054 111
Los Angeles & Orange Counties CENSUS CA 1988 1996 4154
Los Angeles & Orange Counties COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2003
Los Angeles & Orange Counties COMMERCIAL CA 1955 1980 2454 113
Los Angeles & Orange Counties COMMERCIAL ASSESSORS CA 1981 198? 2554
Los Angeles & Orange Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 2003 5254
Los Angeles & Orange Counties GEOFINDER CA 1994 1995 5054
Los Angeles & Orange Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 2010 L4054
Los Angeles & Orange Counties LARGE PRINT CA 1996 1996 4854
Los Angeles & Orange Counties ROCK CA 1978 1990 4254
Los Angeles & Orange Counties WALL MAP CA 1970 200? 7068
Los Angeles & Orange Counties WALL MAP ZIP CA 19??  ?? 7268
Los Angeles & Orange Counties ZIP CA 1976 2000 4354 121
Los Angeles & Orange County ZIP OUTLINE CA 1978 1991 5375
Los Angeles, Orange & San Diego Counties CA 1953 1955
Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties CA 2007 2009
Los Angeles & Ventura Counties CA 1984 2013 4053
Los Angeles & Ventura Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 2001 200?
Los Angeles & Ventura Counties COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2001
Los Angeles & Ventura Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 2010 L4053
Los Angeles & Ventura Counties ZIP CA 1984 2000 4353
Los Angeles and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 19?? 199?  ??
Loudoun County VA 1998 2006 3088
Marin County CA 1953 2003 3025 114
Marin County CENSUS CA 1978 1981 3125
Marin County EARTHQUAKE CA 1983 1983 3?25
Marin County LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Marin County WALL MAP CA 1973 199? 60??
Marin & Sonoma County CA 2007 2007
Metro Inland Empire CA 2003 2003
Metro Inland Empire COMBO PACKS CA 2003 2003
Metropolitan Baltimore MD 1999 2002 3006
Metropolitan Baltimore CD-ROM MD 1999 1999 3006
Metropolitan Baltimore COMBO PACKS MD 1999 2002
Metropolitan Bay Area CA 1997 2002 3002
Metropolitan Bay Area COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2002
Metropolitan Bay Area LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Metropolitan Inland Empire CA 1999 2002 3007
Metropolitan Inland Empire COMBO PACK CA 2000 2002
Metropolitan Inland Empire DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 2001 5251
Metropolitan Inland Empire LAMINATED CA 1999 2002 L3007
Metropolitan Monterey Bay CA 2000 2002
Metropolitan Monterey Bay LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Metropolitan Phoenix AZ 2001 2002
Metropolitan Puget Sound WA 2000 2003
Metropolitan Puget Sound COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2003
Metropolitan Puget Sound DIGITAL EDITION WA 2000 2001
Metropolitan Puget Sound LAMINATED WA 2000 2001
Metropolitan Puget Sound ZIP WA 2000 2000
Metropolitan Puget Sound ZIP LAMINATED WA 2000 200?
Metropolitan Riverside WALL MAP CA 200? 200? CA797
Metropolitan San Bernardino WALL MAP CA 200? 200? CA801
Metropolitan San Francisco WALL MAP CA 200? 200? CA920
Metropolitan Tucson Area AZ 2001 2002
Metropolitan Washington D.C. MD/DC/VA 2000 2002
Metropolitan Washington D.C. COMBO PACKS MD/DC/VA 2000 2001
Metropolitan Washington DC MD/DC/VA 1998 1999 3004
Metropolitan Washington DC CD-ROM MD/DC/VA 1998 1998 5204
Metropolitan Washington DC CD-ROM GEOFINDER MD/DC/VA 1998 1998 5004
Metropolitan Washington DC COMBO PACKS MD/DC/VA 1999 1999
Metropolitan Washington DC DIGITAL EDITION MD/DC/VA 1999 1999
Metropolitan Washington DC GEOFINDER MD/DC/VA 1998 1998 5104
Monterey County CA 1977 1995 3042 156
Monterey County CENSUS CA 1978 198? 3142
Monterey County EARTHQUAKE CA 1983 1983 3?42
Monterey County and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 1976 199? 60??
Monterey Bay CA 2006 2006
Monterey Bay Metro CA 2009 2009
Monterey Bay Metro Area CA 2003 2004
Monterey Bay Metro LAMINATED CA 2009 2009
Montgomery County MD 1999 2001
Montgomery County WALL MAP MD 1998-??  ?? 6013
Montgomery County & the Beltway MD 1998 1998 3080
Montgomery & Howard Counties MD 2002 2003
Napa, Solano, Yolo, Colusa, & Lake Counties CA 1981 198? 3021
Napa, Solano, Yolo, & Sonoma Counties CA 1981 198? 4021
Napa, Solano, & Yolo Counties and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 1981 198? 6021
Napa & Solano Counties CA 2007 2007
Napa & Solano Counties LAMINATED CA 2007 2007
Napa & Sonoma Counties CA 2000 2007
Napa & Sonoma Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 2007
North Los Angeles WALL MAP CA 200? 200?
North San Diego County WALL MAP CA 1979 198? 6048
Northern California WALL MAP CA 19??  ?? 7072
Northern California WALL MAP ZIP CA 19??  ?? 7272
Northern San Joaquin Valley CA 2005 2010
Northern San Joaquin Valley LAMINATED CA 2010 2010
Northern Virginia WALL MAP VA 1998 200? 6012
Northern Virginia & the Beltway VA 1998 2010 3081
Northern Virginia & the Beltway LAMINATED VA 2010 2010
Oakland and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 19?? 199? 60??
Olympia WA 2008 2008
Orange County CA 1953 2009 3055 118
Orange County CENSUS CA 1975 1985 3155
Orange County COMMERCIAL CA 1964 1996 1455
Orange County COMMERCIAL ASSESSORS CA 1980 1996 1555
Orange County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?55
Orange County EASY TO READ CA 2007 2009
Orange County GEOFINDER CA 1994 1995
Orange County LAMINATED CA 2000 2009
Orange County ROCK CA 1978 1985 3255
Orange County SPANISH CA 1999 1999
Orange County WALL MAP CA 1970 200? 60?? 74
Orange County ZIP CA 1976 2000 3355 123
Orange & Los Angeles Counties CA 1962 2004 4055 119
Orange & Los Angeles Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 2001
Pacific Northwest Road Atlas OR/WA 1999 2010 3003
Phoenix AZ 1984 2010 3072
Phoenix & Tucson Digital Edition AZ 2001 200?
Phoenix and Vicinity AZ 1977 1983 3072 158
Phoenix and Vicinity CENSUS AZ 198? 1983 3172
Phoenix and Vicinity WALL MAP AZ 1977 199? 6085
Phoenix Metro AZ 2003 2005
Phoenix Metro COMBO PACKS CA 2003 2003
Phoenix Metropolitan Area AZ 1988 1998 3072
Pierce County WA 1969 2007 3091 139
Pierce County CENSUS WA 1977 1981 3191
Pierce County LAMINATED WA 2000 2001
Pierce County WALL MAP WA 19??  ?? 6084
Pomona/Ontario WALL MAP CA 200? 200?
Portland OR 2006 2010
Portland Metro Area OR 1992 2005 3099
Portland Metro Area CENSUS OR 1993 1993 3199
Portland Metro Area COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2003
Portland Metro Area DIGITAL EDITION OR 1999 2001 5299
Portland Metro Area GEOFINDER OR 1998 1998 5099
Portland Metro Area LAMINATED OR 2000 2001
Portland Metro Area THOMAS GUIDE CD-ROM OR 1998 1998 5299
Portland Metro Area ZIP OR 1992 2000 3399
Portland Metropolitan Area OR 1978 1991 3099
Portland Metropolitan Area CENSUS OR 1978 1991 3199
Portland Metropolitan Area GEOFINDER OR 1994 1995 5099
Portland Metropolitan Area WALL MAP ZIP OR 19??  ?? 6299
Portland Metropolitan Area ZIP OR 1981 1991 3399
Portland & Vicinity WALL MAP OR 1978 199? 6099
Portland & Vicinity WALL MAP ZIP OR 199?  ?? 6299
Prince George's County MD 1999 2001
Prince George's County & the Beltway MD 1998 1998 3082
Prince William County VA 1998 2001 3087
Reno/Tahoe NV 2007 2007
Reno/Tahoe LAMINATED NV 2007 2007
Riverside County CA 1968 2010 3056 150
Riverside County CENSUS CA 1978 1985 3156
Riverside County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?56
Riverside County EASY TO READ CA 2008 2010
Riverside County LAMINATED CA 2000 2008
Riverside County ROCK CA 1979 1980 3256
Riverside County ZIP CA 1978 198? 3356
Riverside & Orange Counties CA 1996 2008 4056
Riverside & Orange Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Riverside & San Bernardino Counties WALL MAP CA  ?? 200?
Riverside & San Diego Counties CA 1996 2010 4058
Riverside & San Diego Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 2001
Sacramento and Vicinity WALL MAP CA  ?? 200?
Sacramento County CA 1960 2009 3023 122
Sacramento County CENSUS CA 1982 1994 3123
Sacramento County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?23
Sacramento County DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 1999 5223
Sacramento County GEOFINDER CA 1994 1996 5110
Sacramento County LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L3023
Sacramento County LARGE PRINT CA 1996 1996 3823
Sacramento County WALL MAP CA 1984 199? 60??
Sacramento County WALL MAP ZIP CA 199?  ?? 6205
Sacramento County ZIP CA 198? 2000 3323
Sacramento, Napa, Solano, & Yolo Counties CA 1981 198? 4023
Sacramento & Solano Counties CA 198? 2009 4024
Sacramento & Solano Counties CD-ROM CA 199? 1998 5223
Sacramento & Solano Counties COMBO PACKS CA 2000 200?
Sacramento & Solano Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 1999 5223
Sacramento & Solano Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 2009 L4024
Salem OR 2008 2008
San Bernardino County CA 1968 2010 3051 149
San Bernardino County CENSUS CA 1978 1985 3151
San Bernardino County EASY TO READ CA 2008 2010
San Bernardino County LAMINATED CA 2000 2009
San Bernardino County ROCK CA 1979 1980? 3251
San Bernardino County ZIP CA 1978 198? 3351
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties CA 1964 2013 4051 151
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties CENSUS CA 1987 1996 4151
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties GEOFINDER CA 1997 1997 5118
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties GEOFINDER CA 1998 1998 5051
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 2010
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties ROCK CA 1979 1980? 4251
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties WALL MAP CA 19??  ?? 6075
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties WALL MAP CA 19??  ?? 7076
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties WALL MAP ZIP CA 19??  ?? 7276
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties ZIP CA 1976 2000 4351
San Diego Arterial CA 199? 199? 8157
San Diego County CA 1951 2013 3057 125
San Diego County CENSUS CA 1971 1994 3157
San Diego County COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2003
San Diego County DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 2003 5257
San Diego County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?57
San Diego County GEOFINDER CA 1994 1997 5104
San Diego County LAMINATED CA 2000 2010
San Diego County LARGE PRINT CA 1996 1996 3857
San Diego County ROCK CA 1977 1981 3257
San Diego County WALL MAP CA 1970 198? 6049
San Diego County WALL MAP CA 198? 199? 7080
San Diego County WALL MAP ZIP CA 19?? 199? 7280
San Diego County ZIP CA 1974 2000 3357
San Diego ZIP OUTLINE CA 1975 1991 5374
San Diego County (North) WALL MAP CA 198? 200? CA811
San Diego County (South) WALL MAP CA 19?? 200? CA653
San Diego & Orange Counties CA 1979 2009 4057
San Diego & Orange Counties LAMINATED CA 2001 200? 4057
San Fernando Valley WALL MAP CA 1972  ?? 6070 70
San Francisco and Vicinity WALL MAP CA 19?? 200? 60??
San Francisco Bay Area (10 Counties) GEOFINDER CA 1997 1997 5119
San Francisco Bay County CA 1953 1953
San Francisco Bay Freeway and Artery Map CA 200? 200? CA955
San Francisco County CA 1953 2003 3035
San Francisco County CENSUS CA 1972 1981 3135
San Francisco County LAMINATED EDITION CA 1999 1999 L3035
San Francisco County ROCK CA 1973 198? 3235
San Francisco Metro WALL MAP CA 19?? 1999
San Francisco, Alameda & Contra Costa Counties CA 198? 2000 4030
San Francisco, Alameda & Contra Costa Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L4030
San Francisco, Alameda & Contra Costa Counties ZIP CA 198? 1995 4330
San Francisco & Marin Counties CA 2004 2008
San Francisco & Marin Counties CENSUS CA 1987 1995 4135
San Francisco & Marin Counties LAMINATED CA 2007 2007
San Francisco & San Mateo Counties CA 196? 2009 4026
San Francisco & San Mateo Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L4026
San Gabriel Valley WALL MAP CA 1969  ?? 6073 73
San Joaquin County CA 2001 2003
San Mateo County CA 1953 2004 3036 132
San Mateo County CENSUS CA 1970 1981 3136
San Mateo County EARTHQUAKE CA 1983 1983 3?36
San Mateo County LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L3036
San Mateo County ROCK CA 1973 1981 3236
San Mateo County WALL MAP CA 19?? 200? 60??
Santa Barbara County CA 1972 1985 3052 140
Santa Barbara County CENSUS CA 1978 1980 3152
Santa Barbara County EARTHQUAKE CA 1983 1983 3?52
Santa Barbara County ROCK CA 1978 1981 3252
Santa Barbara County ZIP CA 1981 198? 3252
Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties CA 1985 2007 3052
Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 1999 1999 5252
Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties EASY TO READ CA 2008 2009
Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 2009
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties CA 1972 1984 4052 147
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties ROCK CA 1978 1981 4252
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties WALL MAP CA 197?  ?? 7066
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties WALL MAP ZIP CA 19??  ?? 7266
Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties ZIP CA 1981 1985 4352
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties CA 1986 2007 4052
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties CENSUS CA 1988 1992 4152
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties DIGITAL EDITION CA 2000 2001 5252
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties COMBO PACKS CA 2000 2003
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties EASY TO READ CA 2008 2009
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties LAMINATED CA 1999 2001 L4052
Santa Barbara, Ventura & San Luis Obispo Counties ZIP CA 1986 2000 4352
Santa Clara County CA 1953 2009 3037 130
Santa Clara County CENSUS CA 1970 1981 3137
Santa Clara County EARTHQUAKE CA 1983 1983 3?37
Santa Clara County LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L3037
Santa Clara County ROCK CA 1973 198? 3237
Santa Clara County WALL MAP CA 1973 200? 6008
Santa Clara County ZIP CA 1978 2000 3337
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties CA 1979 2009 4036
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties CENSUS CA 1986 1992 4136
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties LAMINATED CA 2000 200?
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties ZIP CA 198? 1995 4336
Seattle & King County WA 2008 2009
Seattle Metropolitan Area GEOFINDER WA 199? 1995 5091
Snohomish County WA 1969 2009 3092 136
Snohomish County CENSUS WA 1978 1981 3192
Snohomish County LAMINATED WA 2000 2001
Snohomish County WALL MAP WA 1978 1990 6083
Solano County CA 1981 198? 3021
Solano County CA 198? 2004 3022
Solano County LAMINATED CA 1999 1999 L3022
Solano & Sonoma Counties CA 1981 198? 4021
Sonoma County CA 1953 1995 3020 131
Sonoma County CENSUS CA 1979 1982 3120
Sonoma County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?20
Sonoma County WALL MAP CA 1976 199? 6009
Sonoma & Marin Counties CA 1981 1995 4020
Southern California Arterial CA 19??  ?? 8054
Southern California Freeway and Artery WALL MAP CA 19?? 199? 8145
Southern California Freeway and Artery WALL MAP PAGE CA 19?? 200? 8045
Southern California Highway and Arterial WALL MAP CA 19?? 200?
Southern California Sectional WALL MAP CA 198? 199? 8095
Southern Los Angeles WALL MAP CA 1969 200? 6072 72
Spokane and Coeur d'Alene WA 2008 2010
Stanislaus & Merced Counties CA 2001 2003
State of California CA 199? 199? 8056
State of California DIGITAL EDITION CA 2001 2003
Suburban Virginia VA 1996 1996
Tacoma & Pierce County WA 2008 2009
The Trimble Atlas USA 1993 1993
Thomas Bros. AirPhoto of Los Angeles & Orange Counties CA 1995 1995 8505
Thomas Bros. Geofinder Program USA? 199? 1995
Tucson AZ 2006 2008
Tucson LAMINATED AZ 2008 2008
Tucson Metro AZ 2003 2005
Ventura County CA 1965 2007 3053 103
Ventura County CENSUS CA 1978 1985 3153
Ventura County EARTHQUAKE CA 1984 1984 3?53
Ventura County EASY TO READ CA 2008 2009
Ventura County LAMINATED CA 2000 2001
Ventura County ROCK CA 1978 1981 3253
Ventura County WALL MAP CA 1980 200? 60??
Ventura County ZIP CA 1980 198? 3353
Ventura & Los Angeles Counties CA 1979 1983 4053
Washington, D.C. and portions of Prince George's County DC/MD 1996 1996
Washington, D.C. Metro MD/DC/VA 2003 2010
Washington, D.C. Metro LAMINATED MD/DC/VA 2010 2010
Washington D.C. WALL MAP MD/DC/VA 200? 200? DC131
Washington, DC/Baltimore Metro MD/DC/VA 1998 1998
Washington, DC Beltway Metro MD/DC/VA 1998 1998
Washington DC WALL MAP MD/DC/VA 1998 1998 6010
Western cities and towns CA/AZ/ID/NV/OR/UT/WA 1927 1937
W. Maryland & E. Panhandle of W. Virginia MD/WV 1998 1998

Prototype products[edit]

Title State name First edition Last edition
Ada County ID 1964 2006
Ada and Canyon Counties ID 1935 2006
Alameda County CA 1920 1952
Alpine County CA 1956 197?
Alpine & Amador Counties CA 1991 1991
Amador County CA 1955 2008
Amador & Calaveras Counties CA 1991 1991
Arizona Road Atlas AZ 1930 2006
Austin TX 1993 2005
Benton & Franklin Counties WA 1961
Benton, Franklin, Yakima, and Chelan Counties WA 1969 1970
Bernalillo County NM 1955 2005
Boston & Suffolk County MA 1993 2002
Butte County CA 1928 2008
Calaveras County CA 1960 2008
California Road Atlas CA 1934 1981
Canyon County ID 1949 2006
Carson City & Douglas Counties NV 1970 2006
Cascade County MT 1957 1958
Cincinnati & Hamilton County OH 1993 1993
Chelan County WA 1965
Chelan & Douglas Counties WA 1957 1958
Chicago & Cook County IL 1993 1993
Churchill County NV 1945 197?
Clark County NV 1947 1998
Clark County WA 192? 1977
Clatsop County OR 1974
Cleveland & Cuyahoga County OH 1993 2003
Cochise County AZ 2010 2010
Coconino & Yavapai Counties AZ 2008 2010
Colorado Springs & El Paso County CO 1993 2007
Columbus & Vicinity OH 1993 1993
Colusa County CA 1946 1980
Contra Costa County CA 1928 1952
Cowlitz County WA 1951 1961
Dallas & Fort Worth TX 1993 1993
Del Norte County CA 1949 197?
Denver Metro CO 1993 1993
Detroit & Vicinity MI 1993 1993
Douglas County OR 1933 1933
Duval & St. Johns Counties FL 1993 2006
El Dorado County CA 1952 1963
Elko County NV 197?
Esmeralda County NV 1957 197?
Eureka County NV 197?
Four Corners Road Atlas AZ/CO/NM/UT 1993 1993
Fresno County CA 1930 1977
Fulton & DeKalb Counties GA 1993 2003
Gila County AZ 2009 2010
Gila & Navajo Counties AZ 2010 2010
Glenn County CA 195? 1979
Glenn, Colusa & Yolo Counties CA 1991 1991
Grays Harbor County WA 1956 1961
Great Lakes Road Atlas IL/IN/KY/MI/OH/WI 1993 1993
Greater Kansas City KS/MO 1993 2006
Harrison, Hancock & Jackson Counties MS 1954 2006
Hawaii, Maui & Kauai Counties HI 1991 1991
Hennepin & Ramsey Counties MN 1993 2007
Hillsborough & Pinellas Counties FL 1993 2005
Houston & Harris County TX 1993 2004
Humboldt County CA 1935 1990
Humboldt County NV 1957 1958
Humboldt & Sonoma Counties CA 1940 1952
Imperial County CA 1958 198?
Imperial & Yuma Counties CA 1979 198?
Indianapolis & Marion County IN 1993 2003
Inyo County CA 1938 1964
Iron & Washington Counties UT 2008 2008
Jackson County OR 1933 1968
Josephine County OR 1933 1933
Kern County CA 1934 1979
King County WA 1931 1953
Kings County CA 1939 1985
Kitsap County WA 1953 2007
Klamath County OR 1933 1933
Lake County CA 1956 1980
Lander County NV 1967 197?
Lane County OR 1927 2005
Lane & Linn Counties OR 1970 2007
Laramie & Natrona Counties WY 1970
Lassen County CA 1958 197?
Lassen & Plumas Counties CA 1991 1991
Lewis and Clark County MT 1960
Lincoln County NV 1941 1971
Linn County OR 1966 2007
Los Angeles County CA 1935 1944
Los Angeles & Kern Counties CA 1973 1979
Lyon County NV 1957 1963
Madera County CA 1962 1985
Madera & Mariposa Counties CA 1991 1991
Maricopa County AZ 1931 1976
Marin County CA 1930 1952
Marion County OR 1927 2007
Marion & Polk Counties OR 1927 2007
Mariposa County CA 1954 197?
Mendocino County CA 1953 2008
Merced County CA 1935 2000
Miami-Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach Counties FL 1993 2004
Milwaukee & Vicinity WI 1993 1993
Mineral County NV 1970
Missoula County MT 1957 1958
Modoc County CA 1952 1993
Mohave County AZ 1999 2010
Mono County CA 1955 197?
Monterey County CA 1928 1975
Monterey and San Benito Counties CA 1946 1975
Mountain Road Atlas ID/MT/WY 1993 1993
Multnomah County OR 1927 1977
Napa County CA 1946 1980
Napa & Lake Counties CA 1991 1991
Nevada County CA 1964 1989
Nevada & Sierra Counties CA 1969 1994
New York City 5-Borough NY 1993 2006
New Orleans & Orleans Parish LA 1954 2007
North Central Road Atlas IA/KS/MN/MO/NE/ND/SD 1993 1993
Northeast Road Atlas CT/DE/MA/MD/ME/MA/NH/NJ/NY/PA/RI/VA/VT/WV 1993 1993
Nye County NV 1941 2006
Orange County CA 1935 1952
Oregon Road Atlas OR 1933 1998
Orlando & Orange County FL 1966 2006
Ormsby & Douglas Counties NV 19?? 1969
Ouachita Parish LA 1954
Pacific Northwest Road Atlas OR/WA 1993 1998
Pacific Southwest Road Atlas OR/WA 1993 1993
Pershing County NV 19??
Philadelphia & Vicinity PA 1993 1993
Pima County AZ 1930 2000
Pittsburgh & Allegheny County PA 1993 2002
Placer County CA 194? 1959
Plumas County CA 1958 197?
Reno/Sparks NV 1991 1998
Reno/Sparks, Carson City NV 1999 2002
Riverside County CA 1928 1963
Sacramento County CA 1939 1959
St. Louis & Vicinity MO 1993 1993
Salt Lake City & Vicinity UT 1930 2005
Salt Lake & Weber Counties UT 193? 2005
San Antonio TX 1993 2005
San Benito County CA 194? 1975
San Bernardino County CA 1928 1963
San Bernardino & Riverside Counties CA 1956 1963
San Diego County CA 1940 1950
San Francisco County CA 1935 1952
San Francisco & San Mateo Counties CA 192? 1952
San Joaquin County CA 1927 2000
San Mateo County CA 1935 1952
San Luis Obispo County CA 1940 1985
Santa Barbara County CA 1927 1971
Santa Clara County CA 192? 1952
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties CA 192? 1952
Santa Clara & Santa Cruz Counties CA 1997 1999
Santa Cruz County CA 1932 1999
Shasta County CA 1940 197?
Shasta & Tehama Counties CA 1991 1991
Sierra County CA 1963 198?
Silverbow County MT 1958 1960
Siskiyou County CA 1957 1968
Snohomish County WA 1957 1968
Snohomish & Skagit Counties WA 1970
Solano County CA 1923 1980
Sonoma County CA 1938 1952
South Central Road Atlas AR/LA/OK/TX 1993 1993
Southeast Road Atlas AL/FL/GA/MS/NC/SC/TN 1993 1993
Stanislaus County CA 193? 2000
Sutter County CA 1946 2008
Sutter & Yuba Counties CA 1991 2008
Tehama County CA 1943 1975
Thurston County WA 1958 2007
Trinity County CA 1960 1980
Tulare County CA 1940 1985
Tuolumne County CA 1960 2008
Utah & Weber Counties 192? 2005
Ventura County CA 1929 1964
Ventura & Kern Counties CA 1929 1964
Walla Walla County WA 1961
Washoe & Storey Counties NV 1930 2006
Weber County UT 1930 2005
Western Nevada NV 1999 1999
Whatcom County WA 1950 2008
Whatcom & Kitsap Counties WA 1969 2007
White Pine County NV 197?
Yakima County WA 1957
Yakima, Kittitas, and Benton Counties WA 1973
Yavapai County AZ 1930 2010
Yellowstone County MT 1957 1970
Yolo County CA 1934 1980
Yuba County CA 1946 2008
Yuma County AZ 2008 2008
Yuma & Imperial Counties AZ/CA 1991 1991

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