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Thomas Ko (Ko Sai Ying, 高世英) is a Chinese Australian scientist and entrepreneur who founded Vitapharm Pharmaceutical Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Australia in 1971. Tom has lived in Australia since 1960. From 1995 he has travelled between China and Australia. He is currently Chairman of Vital HealthPoint Group Beijing China and chairman, executive director and founder of Vital BioTech Holdings Limited.[1] He has more than 40 years entrepreneurial experience.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Hong Kong, when he was a teenager, he followed friends to come to Melbourne, Australia, where he tried to survive and entered into university[1]. Thomas Ko graduated as a pharmaceutical chemist (Monash University, Melbourne) with B. Pharm. and MPS degrees in 1968 and took further professional training at MIT and University of Washington in the USA[1,2,3].

Entrepreneur career[edit]

Mr. Ko has devoted the last 25 years to the development of specific rehydration formulations that are both effective and pleasant tasting. Mr. Ko has made a great contribution to Australian and Chinese sports. He was consultant to the Chinese Ministry of Sports on Sports Nutrition and Sports Medicine. His Survivall series of products were essential provisions for the Tibet mountaineers relaying the 2008 Olympic Torch to the Summit of Mount Everest. Mr. Ko was also the nutritional and health care consultant to the Chinese National Women’s Hockey Team which won the first ever silver medal in the history of Chinese Olympics at the Beijing Games[1,2,3]. Mr. Ko is a specialist in biological drug formulation and product development based on immunology. He is the first inventor of interferon and interleukin based anti-viral, anti-cancer oral medications. He holds substantial numbers of international patents related to disease treatment and nutrition. He has developed over 200 health care related products and is active in anti-cancer, anti-viral and nutritional research. So far he has successfully worked on homones, enzymes, interferons, interleukins, vaccines, peptides and other biological proteins formulations.


Protein and peptide drug delivery without injections. Specialise in protein drugs formulations and dosgae form.

Life Legend[edit]

In summary, his entrepreneur career is very diverse, he set up more than 5 different companies, produce up to more than two hundred of products, cover from dish washing detergent, vitamin to anticancer medicines. In his research process, he found a series of specific formula to stabilise the peptides and proteins, which generally are not stable enough to be stored for a long time. All the scientists know peptide and protein medicine are easy to be digested by enzymes in stomach and saliva. However, he seems to find a way to solve this problem and succeed. He had obtained more than ten US patents and still kept some as secret techniques which only he and his core group know that. Based on his unique tech, his product is widely spread in Australia, Middle East area, China and so on. He spread his business to China even he is 60 years old, just like he said, “my life start since 60s”.

Membership & Consultancy[edit]

Life goal[edit]

His life goal is to recycle most injectable biogeneric drugs to sublingual delivery tablets which can have another 20 years new patents. Unlike injections, sublingually delivery biological drugs have minimum side effects.


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