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This article is about the law center in Chicago, Illinois. For the law center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, see Thomas More Law Center.

The Thomas More Society Pro-Life Law Center is a Chicago non-profit law firm primarily devoted to abortion related cases.[1] The firm contributed an amicus curiae brief in the Varnum v. Brien case, in which the Iowa Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision allowing same-sex marriage in Iowa.[2]

In 2006, the group filed a brief in a wrongful-death case over the destruction of a frozen embryo. The head counsel, Thomas Brejcha, depicted the case as "Dred Scott in a Petri dish."[3]

In April 2009, the group filed a civil complaint against an abortion clinic owner in Rockford, Illinois, alleging that he cooperated with a citizen who used racial epithets against pro-life protesters at the clinic.[4]


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