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Rev. Canon Thomas N. Nisbett, OBE (born on October 24, 1925) is a carpenter/cabinet maker/house builder and Anglican priest. Born in North Village, Pembroke, Bermuda, he was the first Black Anglican priest of the Anglican Church of Bermuda.

Parentage and career[edit]

His parents, now deceased, were Elijah John Nisbett b. 13 Oct 1892 in Cedar Hill Village, St. George, Nevis, WI, and Adina Miller b. 14 Feb 1898 in Nevis, WI.

Elijah Nisbett left Nevis in 1922 and went to Bermuda where he stayed with friends until he could build a house on St. Monica's Road across from the St. Monica's Mission Church: Adina, and daughters Mavis and Lauret immigrated to Bermuda in 1923.

Thomas Nisbett was educated at Central School, Bermuda, and Codrington College, Barbados[1].

In his younger years, Mr. Nisbett was a member of the popular Bermudian a cappella singing group, the Nisbett Brothers.

He has held a number of key ecclesiastical and community positions in both Barbados and Bermuda, and he was designated an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1992.[1] In 2012 Mr. Nisbett was awarded the Order of Saint Mellitus by the Bishop of London for his contribution to the Church in Bermuda and elsewhere.

Family relationships[edit]

Thomas Nisbett was married to Winifred M. G. (née Smith) Nisbett, Cert. Ed., B.Sc., M.Ed., on August 4, 1954, a primary school teacher, and former President of the Bermuda Reading Association and a Past Chairman of the International Reading Association Caribbean Committee, New Orleans, LA.

They have two sons, Thomas W. L. Nisbett, a businessman living in New Brunswick, Canada, and Michael John Nisbett, an administrator with the Bermuda Hospitals Board living in Pembroke, Bermuda.

Michael John Nisbett is the Owner/Webmaster of Christian Resource Centre at Christian Resource Centre at

His granddaughter, is Canadian singer/songwriter, Chelsea Nisbett [2].

An interview with Canon Nisbett can be seen at Canon Thomas Nisbett profile.

The sermon preached by the Right Rev. Ewen Ratteray, Anglican Bishop of Bermuda, at the Celebration in thanksgiving for the 40th Anniversary of the Ordination of the Rev. Canon Thomas Nisbett on 11 January 2004, can be found at


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