Thomas Peverel

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Thomas Peverel
Bishop of Worcester
Church Catholic
Province Canterbury
Diocese Worcester
In office 1407–1419
Predecessor Richard Clifford
Successor Philip Morgan
Personal details
Died 1 or 2 March 1419
Denomination Catholic
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Thomas Peverel (died 1419) was a medieval prelate who was successively bishop of Ossory, Llandaff, and Worcester.

Peverel was appointed the Bishop of Ossory by papal provision on 25 October 1395,[1] and was translated to Llandaff on 12 July 1398.[2][3] He was translated again to Worcester on 4 July 1407.[4][5]

Peverel died in office on 1 or 2 March 1419.[4][5]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Richard Northalis
Bishop of Ossory
Succeeded by
John Waltham
Preceded by
John Burghill
Bishop of Llandaff
Succeeded by
John de la Zouche
Preceded by
Richard Clifford
Bishop of Worcester
Succeeded by
Philip Morgan