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This is a list of works by writer Thomas Pynchon.


Novels and novellas[edit]


  • (1952–53) "Voice of the Hamster" Oyster Bay High School Purple and Gold 13 Nov, 18 Dec, 22 Jan, 19 Feb
  • (1953) "Ye Legend of Sir Stupid and the Purple Knight" Oyster Bay High School Purple and Gold 19 March 1953
  • (1953) "The Boys" Oyster Bay High School Purple and Gold 19 March 1953
  • (1958) "Minstrel Island" Outline and draft of unpublished musical written with John Kilpatrick Sale, held at University of Texas Harry Ransom Center

Short stories[edit]

Short story collections[edit]


Technical publications[edit]

  • (1960) "Togetherness" Aerospace Safety 16, no. 12 December 1960
  • (1960–62) Articles in various issues of Boeing's Bomarc Service News


  • (1966) "A Journey Into the Mind of Watts" New York Times Magazine 12 June 1966
  • (1984) "Is it O.K. to Be a Luddite?" New York Times Book Review 28 October 1984
  • (1993) "Nearer My Couch To Thee" New York Times Book Review 6 June 1993
  • (1996) "Lunch with Lotion" Esquire Vol. 125, No. 6 June 1996
  • (1999) "Hallowe'en Over Already?" Cathedral School Newsletter (New York) January 1999
  • (2006) "The Evolution of the Daily Show" The Daily Show: Ten Fu@#ing Years (The Concert) 16 November 2006


  • (1965) Letter cited in Jules Siegel's "The Dark Triumvirate," Cavalier 15 August 1965
  • (1966) "Pros and Cohns" New York Times Book Review 17 July 1966
  • (1976) Letter to Richard Wilbur, printed in William Styron's "Presentation to Thomas Pynchon of the Howells Medal for Fiction of the Academy," Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters 26
  • (1977) Letter to the Editor, quoted by John Calvin Batchelor, "The Ghost of Richard Fariña." Soho Weekly News 4 28 April – 4 May 1977
  • (1988) Letter to Thomas F. Hirsch, quoted by David Seed, "The Fictional Labyrinths of Thomas Pynchon"
  • (1989) "Words for Salman Rushdie" New York Times Book Review 12 March 1989.
  • (1990) "Of a Fond Ghoul" selected letters from the files of Corlies Smith
  • (2006) Letter included in Nigel Reynold's "The borrower: 'why McEwan is no plagiarist'" Daily Telegraph 6 December 2006


Introductions and liner notes[edit]