Thomas T. Sekine

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Tomohiko Sekine, a.k.a. Thomas T. Sekine
Born 1933
Nationality Japanese
Field Political economy
School or tradition
Marxian economics
Influences Kozo Uno

Tomohiko Sekine (関根 友彦 Sekine Tomohiko?, born 1933), a.k.a. Thomas T. Sekine is a Japanese economist and is considered to be one of the most important theorists on the field of Marx's labor theory of value. His main work The Dialectic of Capital was published in 1986. He is a scholar of Kozo Uno.

Selected publications[edit]

Main Work[edit]

  • Sekine, Thomas T.: The Dialectic of Capital. A Study of the Inner Logic of Capitalism, as Japanese title, Bumpai no Genri, 2 volumes (preliminary edition), Tokyo 1986; ISBN 4-924750-44-9 (vol. 1), ISBN 4-924750-34-4 (vol. 2).

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