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Thomas Tod Stoddart (1810–1880) was a Scottish angler and poet. Born in Edinburgh, he attended Edinburgh University and gained admittance in 1833 to the Faculty of Advocates. A highly knowledgeable fisherman with expertise in fly fishing, he published several books, poems and articles on angling. He campaigned against the pollution of rivers.[1] Stoddart's rare and unique volume of verse, The Death-wake, or, Lunacy: a Necromaunt in Three Chimeras, was reprinted in 1895 by John Lane with an introduction by Andrew Lang.



  • The Death-wake, or, Lunacy: a Necromaunt in Three Chimeras (1831)
  • The Art of Angling as Practiced in Scotland (1835)
  • Angling Reminiscences (1837)
  • Songs and Poems (1839)
  • The Angler's Companion to the Rivers and Lochs of Scotland (1863)
  • An Angler's Rambles and Angling Songs (1866)

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