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The article is about characters from Thomas & Friends, that have appeared in the films first.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad[edit]

Thomas and the Magic Railroad was the first theatrical Thomas & Friends movie.

Diesel 10[edit]

For the character in the TV series, see Diesel 10 (TV Series).

Diesel 10 (voiced by Neil Crone) is a large cunning darkly comedic diesel engine with a claw (which he calls "Pinchy") extending from his roof. He was the primary or the main villain in the Magic Railroad movie. The engines ( Thomas said it really) said that he is rated "ten out of ten for devious deeds and brutal strength". When he first came to Sodor, he hated steam engines so much that he made a goal to get rid of them once and for all. He tried to destroy "Lady", the magic engine that brings a magic railway and the steam engines alive. Although this plan failed, he was able to crash Lady causing her to be severely damaged. Her caretaker, a man called Burnett Stone, brought her back to his workshop in Muffle Mountain where he spent many years trying to bring her back to life. Diesel 10 repeatedly terrorized the steam engines and "Twinkle Toes" (his nickname for Mr. Conductor) in an attempt to track down Lady and the Magic Railroad.

Diesel 10 recruited two other diesel engines, Splatter and Dodge (who he collectively referred them as "Splodge"), to help him find Lady. However, the diesels grew tired of Diesel 10's attitude at the end of the film, and refused to help or follow him when Lady and Thomas returned to Sodor. Diesel 10 chased Lady and Thomas until the three came to the collapsing viaduct. Lady and Thomas were light enough to make it across, but, unable to stop, the track couldn't hold Diesel 10's weight and it collapsed from underneath him, causing him to fall and land in a barge filled with sludge below.

Diesel 10 is olive-coloured and is based on a British Rail Class 42, although his 'claw' is utterly artistic licence, as it would exceed the loading gauge.

Diesel 10 reappeared in Calling All Engines. It appears as if Thomas and the Magic Railroad existed in another world, as no reference to it is made when Diesel 10 appears. Diesel 10 is feared by the engines and first appears when Thomas and Percy are at the scrapyards. When they see Diesel 10, they get scared and decide to return when he's gone. Thomas tries to go to other places but leaves when he finds Diesel 10 there. In the end, Thomas goes to Diesel 10 for help to move some derailed trucks and he agrees.


Lady (voiced by the series creator Britt Allcroft) was a violet and gold tank engine who had magical powers. A long time ago Diesel 10 chased her, and made her have an accident. For years Burnett Stone had worked on her and kept her in his workshop on Muffle Mountain.

Lady does not appear to be based on any particular kind of steam locomotive, but it has been suggested that she bears some resemblance to Gladstone, the steam locomotive featured in the British 1936 film, Oh, Mr. Porter! (K&SER Northiam with the rear cab cut off and an enlarged chimney). Lady's face only appears on the Island of Sodor and The Magic Railroad. Originally in the Magic Railroad movie, Lady was not going to have a speaking role, but was then given or written some lines so that the series creator Britt Allcroft had a role in the movie.

Appearance in Calling All Engines[edit]

Lady also reappeared in Calling All Engines in Thomas' dream sequence, alongside Rusty, telling Thomas how to get the airport finished.

In the Calling All Engines DVD's Character Gallery, Lady is described as "a magical engine. When she works along the rails, she spreads gold dust along the rails. Lady has been known to help Thomas and his friends when there was no other engine to turn to..."

Splatter and Dodge (Splodge)[edit]

Splatter (voiced by Neil Crone) and Dodge (voiced by Kevin Frank) (Collectively called "Splodge" by Diesel 10) were Diesel 10's bumbling sidekicks. Although the other engines feared them, Splatter and Dodge did not have the bravery, intelligence, or villainy to match with Diesel 10. Splatter is colored indigo and more talkative than Dodge. Dodge is olive and more intelligent than Splatter. When they are hired by Diesel 10 to help him in his scheme to rule Sodor by destroying the Steam Engines, they do not take a liking to their boss when he collectively refers to them as "Splodge" and grows impatient with them when they ask him about his scheme. As time goes on Splatter and Dodge spend their roles mocking their boss and pointing out the flaws in Diesel 10's scheme causing Diesel 10 to lose his temper amd cause trouble during his temper problems (Their housing collapses over them when Diesel 10 loses his temper, and Diesel 10 empties a coal barrell all over him when he tries to punish Splatter and Dodge during another temper tantrum).

The two diesels grow tired of Diesel 10 at the end of the film, telling Diesel 10 to do his own dirty work as he tries to catch Lady and Thomas.

Splatter and Dodge are based on the British Rail Class 08 Diesel Electric shunter.

Mr. Conductor[edit]

Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) is the railway conductor who often helps to run the railway for Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller) when he is not helping out at Shining Time Station. When Sir Topham Hatt went on holiday, Mr. Conductor traveled to the Island of Sodor to keep Diesel 10 in order, but he ran out of gold dust, and could not get back to Shining Time Station, nor find the windmill, nor how to find out how to make more, leaving him powerless. Diesel 10 tried to drop him off the viaduct into the river going underneath and not being able to swim, but instead, catapulting him to the windmill, Mr. Conductor eventually found a clue and when Burnett Stone traveled to the island, his engine, Lady, provided him with gold dust. Mr. Conductor is based on the character in the series Shining Time Station, previously played by Ringo Starr and George Carlin.

Lily Stone[edit]

Lily Stone (Mara Wilson) is the granddaughter of Burnett Stone. She lives in a big city, but came to visit him during the film. After getting on the wrong train, she arrived at Shining Time Station, where she met Junior. The station master, Stacy Jones, drove her to Burnett's home, and told Lily that she wished she could visit Shining Time again soon. Lily meets Junior again, and they travelled to Sodor. Later, she and Thomas found a way back to Muffle Mountain. She found Lady and helped Burnett find a way to make her run again and get to the island of sodor.

Burnett Stone[edit]

Burnett Stone (Peter Fonda) is Lily's grandfather and Lady's caretaker. He keeps her in Muffle Mountain.

Mr. Conductor Jr.[edit]

Mr. Conductor Jr. (Michael E. Rodgers) aka C. Junior is the cousin of Mr. Conductor, who was always on holiday at the beach. He is good-natured and friendly, but was also originally clumsy and lazy, preferring to relax and go surfing rather than do honest work. Mr. Conductor urged him to travel to Shining Time Station to retrieve the last of the family's gold dust. There, Junior met Lily, and they went to Sodor to find Mr. Conductor. They did find him at the windmill, but Junior became caught on the whirling blades of it, and was flung onto the back of Diesel 10's roof. He ended up in the scrap yard, flung onto James's cab. The two were nearly sent into the smelting pit, until Junior used the last of his gold dust to transport them away. Junior then reunited with Mr. Conductor, and told him that their gold dust was now completely gone. When Lady returned to the Island, Mr. Conductor and Junior found their gold dust again. Junior, pleased and encouraged by his success in helping out, offers to take a job on Sodor, and was hired on as conductor so that Mr. Conductor could go back to Shining Time Station and resume working there.


Patch (Cody McMains) is a local boy who works for Burnett Stone. He found Lady and asked Burnett about her. Later he met Lily and spent time with her until Lily departed for Sodor. The two of them later traveled to Sodor in Lady. In a final scene that was deleted from the film, it was revealed that Patch and Lily eventually got married.


Mutt is Billy's dog, who tried to help Lily and can sense trouble in the world.

Stacy Jones[edit]

Stacy Jones (Didi Conn) is the manager of Shining Time Station. She is frequently helped by Mr. Conductor and when Lily arrived at the station by mistake, Stacy drove Lily to Burnett. Didi Conn reprised the role she played on Shining Time Station.

Billy Twofeathers[edit]

Billy Twofeathers (Russell Means) is a train driver who works in the Indian Valley, driving trains to Muffle Mountain, Shining Time, and other places. Billy was a character in the series Shining Time Station, in which he was played by Tom Jackson.

Calling All Engines[edit]

Main article: Calling All Engines

No new characters appeared in Calling All Engines, the first straight-to-DVD special.

The Great Discovery[edit]

The Great Discovery introduced one new character to the series.


Stanley (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK, Ben Small in the US) is a strong white, silver and red tank engine who made Thomas jealous when he first arrived on Sodor.

Hero of the Rails[edit]

Three new characters were introduced in Hero of the Rails.


Hiro (voiced by Togo Igawa in the UK and US) is an old, lost black Japanese steam engine. He had been featured in Hero of the Rails and Series 13. He also appeared in Misty Island Rescue.[1][2]


Victor (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK, David Bedella in the US) is an oversized dark red narrow gauge tank engine who is the primary or the main shunter and in charge of the Sodor Steamworks.[3][4]


Kevin (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK, Kerry Shale in the US) is a young yellow crane who works at the Sodor Steamworks. He also appeared in Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels.[3][5]

Misty Island Rescue[edit]

Four new characters were introduced in Misty Island Rescue.


Captain (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is a red, yellow and blue lifeboat who resides at the Sodor Search & Rescue Centre with Harold and Rocky (and later Flynn).

Bash & Dash[edit]

Bash and Dash (voiced by Keith Wickham and Matt Wilkinson in the UK, William Hope and Kerry Shale in the US) are grey and amber twin engines on Misty Island.


Ferdinand (voiced by Ben Small in the UK, Glenn Wrage in the US) is a big teal tender engine who works with Bash & Dash.

Day of the Diesels[edit]

Seven new characters were introduced in Day of the Diesels.


Belle (voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and the US) is a big blue tank engine (Sodor's biggest tank engine) with firefighting equipment.


Flynn (voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK and the US) is a Fiery red fire truck who joins the Search & Rescue team.


Den (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is a stately orange and slate gray diesel who runs the Sodor Dieselworks in Diesel 10's absence.


Dart (voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK and the US) is a yellow and dark red diesel who helps Den run the Sodor Dieselworks when Diesel 10 is not around.


Norman (voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and the US) is a rusty red diesel engine who is always breaking down but would get fixed to prove that he can be really useful. He is also Dennis's twin brother.


Paxton (voiced by Steve Kynman in the UK and the US) is a slightly young gullible dark green diesel who likes steam engines, especially Thomas.


Sidney (voiced by Bob Golding in the UK and the US) is a navy blue diesel who can always be a bit forgetful and always starts work at one place only to end up at another.

Blue Mountain Mystery[edit]

Four new characters were introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.


  • Luke (voiced by Michael Legge in the UK and the US) is an apple green narrow gauge engine, who was introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.


  • Winston (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and the US) is a red track inspection vehicle, who first appeared in Series 16, but introduced officially in Blue Mountain Mystery.


  • Owen (voiced by Ben Small in the UK and the US) is an ochre quarry incline traction engine who works at the Blue Mountain quarry, who was introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.


  • Merrick (voiced by Matt Wilkinson in the UK and US) is a red traveling gantry crane who works at the Blue Mountain quarry, who was introduced in Blue Mountain Mystery.

King of the Railway[edit]

Five new characters were introduced in King of the Railway


Millie (voiced by Miranda Raison in the UK and US) is a blue French narrow gauge engine who made her debut in King of the Railway.


Stephen (voiced by Bob Golding in the UK and US) is a bright yellow engine who works at Uflstead Castle, who made his debut in King of the Railway.


Connor (voiced by Jonathan Forbes in the UK and US) is a teal streamlined engine from The Mainland, who made his debut in King of the Railway.


Caitlin (voiced by Rebecca O'Mara in the UK and US) is a fuchsia streamlined engine from The Mainland, who made her debut in King of the Railway.

Sir Robert Norramby[edit]

Sir Robert Norramby (voiced by Mike Grady in the UK and US) is an Earl of Sodor, who made his debut in King of the Railway.

Tale of the Brave[edit]

Four new characters were introduced in Tale of the Brave.


Gator is a boxy green steam engine.

Voice Actor


Timothy is small oil-burning tank engine.

Voice Actor


Marion is a self-propelled steam shovel.

Voice Actor


Reg is a crane.

Voice Actor

The Adventure Begins[edit]

Three new characters are introduced in The Adventure Begins:


Glynn is an engine.

Voice Actors

Jerome and Judy[edit]

Jerome and Judy are breakdown cranes.

Voice Actors



Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure[edit]

Three new characters will be introduced and three The Railway Series characters will introduced into the television series in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.


Ryan is a Purple tank engine with the number 9014 on his bunker.

Voice Actors


Mike is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Railway. He is painted red with yellow stripes.

Voice Actors


Rex is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Railway. Rex is painted green and yellow stripes.

Voice Actors


Bert is a miniature steam engine from the Arlesdale Raillway. Bert is painted blue and red stripes.


Skiff is a railboat.

Voice Actor

Sailor John[edit]

Sailor John is an upcoming character.

Voice Actors