Thompson Site

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Thompson Site
Thompson Site is located in Kentucky
Thompson Site
Thompson Site
Approximate location within Kentucky today
Coordinates 38°43′25.39″N 83°1′8.72″W / 38.7237194°N 83.0190889°W / 38.7237194; -83.0190889
Country  USA
Region Greenup County, Kentucky
Nearest town South Portsmouth, Kentucky
Culture Fort Ancient culture
First occupied 1100 CE
Period Croghan Phase
Abandoned 1200 CE

The Thompson Site is a Fort Ancient culture archaeological site located near South Portsmouth in Greenup County, Kentucky, next to the Ohio River across from the mouth of the Scioto River. It was occupied during the Croghan Phase (1100 to 1200 CE) of the local chronology and was a contemporary of Baum Phase sites in the Scioto River valley.[1]

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