Thorleif Enger

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Thorleif Enger
Born 1943
Nationality Norway
Education PhD structural engineering
Alma mater University of Colorado
Occupation Businessperson
Employer Yara International

Thorleif Enger (born 1943) is a Norwegian businessperson and Chief Executive Officer of Yara International.[1]

Enger was educated as a structural engineer at the University of Colorado, United States, where he earned Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees. He worked for Royal Dutch Shell until 1973, after which he moved to Norway to work for Norsk Hydro. He was director of the Oseberg oil field 1982–86, and from then until 1996 was president of the exploration and production division. He was then executive vice president of oil and energy until 1999, when he became executive vice president of Hydro Agri; when this was demerged to create Yara in 2004 he became its CEO. He is also president of the International Fertilizer Industry Association[2] and was chair of Telenor 2003–07.

He announced his retirement in September 2008, to be replaced by Jørgen Ole Haslestad.[1]

Arrest and indictment[edit]

In 2012 he was arrested and indicted in Norway.[3] In January 2014, he was charged with two counts of gross corruption.[4]

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