ThoughtSpeed Corporation

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ThoughtSpeed Corporation
Industry Internet Software Development
Founded 1985 [1]
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario
Key people
Ken Will
(Founder and CEO) [2]
Products KTMS
TS Link
TS nGateWay
TS Consign
Number of employees
9 (April 2011)

ThoughtSpeed Corporation, is a Software Development company that, specializes in web-based applications used in ordering and managing inventory as well as distribution of products.[2][3]


Founded in 1985, ThoughtSpeed Corporation was originally conceived as a software development company that created educational administrative software.[1]

In 1987, Kitimat Systems Inc. was formed as a Supply Chain Management division of ThoughtSpeed creating distribution software for Fortune 500 companies. Among Kitimat’s client list of users were: AOL Time Warner Communications, AutoZone, Baxter Health Care, General Motors, Quebecor, Simon & Schuster Publishing, Sony, Xerox and Walt Disney World.[3] In 1998, HK Systems of Milwaukee, Wisconsin acquired ThoughtSpeed’s “logistic” division and subsequently founded a new division, Irista, with Kitimat’s software component, Kitimat Transportation Management System (KTMS)[4][5]


TS Link[edit]

In June, 2000, ThoughtSpeed began the process of re-inventing itself as a “web-based” Internet developer and founded ThoughtSpeed eCommerce Ltd. The first product produced by ThoughtSpeed eCommerce was TS Link. It is a web-based application meant to manage the orders of products for its customers.[2] In September 2009 ThoughtSpeed won a 7-year contract with Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network (CPDN) for the use of TS Link, which now manages the orders of over 600 hospitals from over 20 pharmaceutical companies in Canada.[6][7] [8]

TS nGateWay[edit]

TS nGateWay is an application that converts EDI or flat file documents into XML code and vice versa. It is used between ThoughtSpeed's TS Link application which uses XML code and the customer's application, which depending on the customer can use one of several different formats (EDI, XML Flat File, CSV). [8]

TS Consign[edit]

TS Consign is another web-enabled application used for inventory management developed by ThoughtSpeed eCommerce in paternership with Alcon Canada. This product allows companies to track and manage the status of their consignment inventory, and to replenish their stock at any time. A recent test was performed at Lakeridge Health Bowmanville campus which showed time savings of one to three hours by cutting down the time hospital employees spent on inventory. TS Consign is free for all Hospitals and is being used with eye care products manufacturer Alcon Canada.[3][8][9]


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