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Origin Cardiff, United Kingdom
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2005 - present
Labels Double Six (Domino Records)
Associated acts The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, Gindrinker, Richard James, Attack and Defend, Islet, The Wave Pictures, The Aviary, Little My
Members Heddwyn Davies
Viola & Vocals

Huw Alun Davies
Drums, Keyboard & Vocals

Andrew Lewis
Guitar & Vocals

Gareth Middleton
Past members Taliesyn Källström
Percussion, Keyboard & Vocals

Dan Lazenby

Ceri Mitchell

Mark Thomas

Franic Rozycki

Luke Mintowt-czyz

Threatmantics are a band from Cardiff, Wales. The band's current members are Heddwyn Davies (vocals, viola), Andrew Lewis (guitar), Gareth Middleton (bass) and Huw Alun Davies (drums). Their first album Upbeat Love was recorded whilst the band was still a three-piece (Heddwyn, Ceri & Huw) and was released by Domino Records' subsidiary label Double Six Records on 3 November 2008. Stereogum named Threatmantics a Band To Watch on November 13, 2008.[1] The band's long awaited second album, Kid McCoy, was released in late 2012. The singles from it got heavy airplay on BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru and were also played on BBC Radio 6 Music. DJ Adam Walton included "Esgryn" on his "Best of 2012" list.[2]

Line-Up Changes[edit]

Heddwyn, Huw & Luke (2005)
Heddwyn, Huw & Franic (2005–2006)
Heddwyn, Huw & Ceri (2006–2009)
Heddwyn, Huw & Mark (2009)
Heddwyn, Huw, Andrew & Taliesyn (2009–2010)
Heddwyn, Andrew, Taliesyn, Gareth & Dan (2010)
Heddwyn, Andrew, Taliesyn, Gareth & Huw (2010)
Heddwyn, Andrew, Gareth & Huw (2010–Present)



  • Upbeat Love (3 November 2008)
  • Kid McCoy (10 December 2012, though was available online from 29 November)


  • "Little Bird" - Digital Only (February 2009)
  • "Big Man" - 7" (October 2008)
  • "Sali Mali" / "Wedi Marw" - 7" (August 2007)
  • "Don't Care" - CD (March 2007)
  • "Apple Tree" (2012)
  • "Esgryn" (2012)


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