Three Faces East (1926 film)

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Three Faces East
Directed by Rupert Julian
Produced by Cecil B. DeMille
Written by Anthony Paul Kelly (play)
C. Gardner Sullivan (scenario)
Monte Katterjohn (scenario)
Starring Jetta Goudal
Robert Ames
Clive Brook
Music by Hugo Riesenfeld
Cinematography J. Peverell Marley
Edited by Claude Berkeley
Distributed by Producers Distributing Corporation
Release date(s) February 3, 1926 (premiere)
Running time Seven reels (7,419 feet)
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles

Three Faces East is a 1926 silent film directed by Rupert Julian and starring Jetta Goudal and Clive Brook. It is based on a popular Broadway play about spies during WW1, Three Faces East. It would be refilmed in sound in 1930.[1][2][3]

This film is listed as surviving in Bois d'Arcy in France.[4]




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