Three Inches of Blood

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This article is about the demo album by The Unicorns. For the Canadian heavy metal band, see 3 Inches of Blood.
Three Inches of Blood
Demo album by The Unicorns
Released 2002
Recorded 2001 - 2002
Genre Lo-Fi, Indie Pop
Length 21:50
Producer The Unicorns
The Unicorns chronology
Three Inches of Blood
Unicorns Are People Too

Three Inches of Blood is a demo album recorded and released by The Unicorns in 2002.[1] Rumor has it that the album was burned onto CD-Rs and given to club owners who let The Unicorns play gigs at their club. Although likely never sold in any form, the album can still be found online on various file sharing networks.


All songs written and composed by The Unicorns

No. Title Length
1. "Intro"   0:22
2. "Jellybones"   2:03
3. "Segue"   0:08
4. "Do the Knife Fight"   4:20
5. "The Unicorns: 2014"   3:36
6. "Ebb Tide, Azure Sky"   7:16
7. "Down on the Corner"   1:03
8. "Peach Moon"   2:42
Total length:



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