The Three-legged Rika-chan

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"The Three-legged Rika Chan" (Sanbonashi no Rika-chan) is a Japanese urban legend based on a Licca-chan doll.


If a girl enters a toilet at her school, and finds a Licca-chan doll on the floor with a purple third leg, she will lose one of her own legs shortly after. She can then grow a purple leg, that is not functional, which will eventually take over her body, causing death.


Other versions of the legend include the girl being haunted by the voice of the doll to the point of insanity and piercing her ear drums to stop the noise.


Licca-chan dolls are a popular brand of toy in Japan. The legend possibly originates in Japanese personification of inanimate objects, from which have developed several urban legends regarding discarded toys or possessions which haunt their owners.

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