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Threewave Software,Inc.
Industry Software & programming
Founded Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (1994)
Founder Michael Goodhead
Dan Gold
Michael Labbe
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Key people
Michael Goodhead(CEO)
Products Multiplayer video games
Number of employees

Threewave Software,Inc is a videogame developer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They are best known for the development of Threewave CTF, an early Capture the Flag mod for Quake developed by Michael Goodhead and his mod group. Jason Bergman, then of 2K Games, claimed that Threewave CTF directly influenced almost all team-based first-person shooter games.[1] Defined as an independent studio, the company has taken on various contractual tasks for companies such as Activision, EA, Valve Corporation and LucasArts.[2]

They are licensed to develop using the Source engine,[3] id Tech, Unreal Engine, and the Infernal Engine.[4]

The Studio's Executive Team consists of Dan Irish, CEO.[5]

Games developed[edit]


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