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Threshold RPG
Threshold RPG logo.png
Developer(s) Frogdice
Engine LDMud
Release date(s) June 17, 1996 (1996-06-17)
Genre(s) Fantasy RP MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Threshold is a LGBT-friendly MUD (text-based online role-playing game) that is owned and operated by Frogdice, Inc. since June 1996. [1] Threshold was originally created by Michael A. "Aristotle" Hartman.


A screenshot of one of several login screens displayed by Threshold

Threshold is a MUD[2][dead link] which features a welcoming environment for gay players.[3]


Threshold is a fantasy based MUD set in a world with three main continents and a chain of islands. Religion based on a pantheon of Greek-like deities plays a dominant role in the story of the mud, with the ability for players to rise through the ranks of religious organizations to gain divine powers. The concepts of good and evil serve as a core driving force of the roleplay within the game.[4][dead link]


For three consecutive years, Threshold was The MUD Journal's highest-rated role-playing game.[5] Computer Games Magazine listed it as a highlight of less popular MMOGs, describing it as being particularly focused on role-playing, and noting the distinct passion of its players.[2][dead link]

Richard Bartle described it as possessing an individuality lacking in "today's EverQuest clones", citing its in-game legal system as an example.[5]


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