Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department

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The Thrissur Municipal Corporation manages the distribution of electricity to residents and commercial establishments covering about 12 square kilometers.

Details of Transformer
Transformers No
100 KVA 5
120 KVA 1
150 KVA 6
160 KVA 10
200 KVA 9
250 KVA 82
300 KVA 1
315 KVA 30
400 KVA 5
500 KVA 8
630 KVA 1
750 KVA 1
800 KVA 1

Thrissur Municipal Corporation and TCED are separate entities and the TCED is run on a commercial basis.[1] The municipal corporation purchases power in bulk from the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). The budget for this operation, however, is separately prepared and is not included in the annual municipal corporation budget. The separate books of accounts of the operation are also kept under the cash based system.


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