Throop Peak

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Throop Peak
Throop Peak
Elevation 9,142 ft (2,786 m) NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 618 ft (188 m)[1]
Listing Hundred Peaks Section[2]
Location Los Angeles County, California, U.S.
Range San Gabriel Mountains
Coordinates 34°21′02″N 117°47′58″W / 34.3505562°N 117.7995051°W / 34.3505562; -117.7995051Coordinates: 34°21′02″N 117°47′58″W / 34.3505562°N 117.7995051°W / 34.3505562; -117.7995051[3]
Topo map USGS Crystal Lake
Easiest route Trail hike, class 1[4]

Throop Peak (/ˈtrp/ TROOP) is a 9,142 feet (2,786 m) peak in the Angeles National Forest. The high peak provides views of both the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles Basin all the way to the ocean. The peak was named for Amos G. Throop, founder of Caltech, formerly called Throop College.[4] The peak marks the northwestern boundary of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness.[1]


A trailhead for climbing Throop Peak is located at Dawson Saddle along the Angeles Crest Highway. The route goes through a forest of Jeffrey Pine, Sugar Pine, and the high elevation Lodgepole Pine with some White Fir.[4]

Climbing Season[edit]

The most popular seasons for climbing Throop Peak are Spring and Fall because of the cooler temperatures and easy accessibility.[5]


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