Throwing Shade

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Throwing Shade
Throwing Shade podcast logo.jpg

Throwing Shade podcast logo
Hosting Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi
Genre Comedy
Language English
Updates Weekly
Length 45-70 minutes
Audio format MP3
Debut November 9, 2011; 2 years ago (November 9, 2011)
License © Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi

Throwing Shade is a weekly comedy podcast centered around discussions of women's rights, gay rights, and pop culture, hosted by Erin Gibson (a.k.a. "Feminasty") and Bryan Safi (a.k.a. "Homosensual"). [1][2] Gibson and Safi are "equal-opportunity offenders," and their comedic repartee frequently features adult topics and a politically incorrect sense of humor, even as they explore serious cultural and political issues. [3]


Each episode consists of a series of topical comedic dialogues and sparring between the co-hosts, plus occasional interviews with notable guests.[4] Their main focus is assessing current issues “affecting ladies and gays,” dissecting each topic with sass and humor accompanied by earnest passion for defending civil liberties.[5]


Gibson and Safi met while performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, and continued to work together as writers and hosts on InfoMania, on the Current TV network.[6] They released the first episode of Throwing Shade on November 9, 2011.[7]

On March 5, 2012 it was announced that Throwing Shade was joining the Maximum Fun podcast network.[8]

In 2012, Throwing Shade earned a People's Choice Podcast Award for Best GLBT Podcast.[9]


The podcast is produced by Jesse Thorn's podcast and radio production network, Maximum Fun. Funding for Maximum Fun, Inc. is raised through underwriting and corporate sponsorship, as well as individual membership donations.[4]


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