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CAS number 470-40-6
PubChem 442402
ChemSpider 390845
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C15H24
Molar mass 204.35 g mol−1
Density 0.936 g/mL (20 °C)[1]
Boiling point 258-260 °C[1]
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
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Thujopsene is a natural chemical compound, classified as a sesquiterpene, with the molecular formula C15H24.

Thujopsene is found in the essential oil of a variety of conifers,[2] in particular Juniperus cedrus and Thujopsis dolabrata in which it comprises around 2.2% of the weight of the heartwood.[3]


Thujopsene is biosynthesized from farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP):[4]



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