Thumb Bandits

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Thumb Bandits
Starring Aleks Krotoski
Iain Lee
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 6/7
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel Channel 4
Original airing 2001

Thumb Bandits was a British video game television series. It aired on Channel 4 in 2001.

The programme was presented by Iain Lee and Aleks Krotoski, but only had 2 series and ran for thirteen episodes. The show featured location film items, studio based reviews and news. In earlier episodes Lee's role was meant to be a somewhat synical foil to Krotoski's enthusiastic style. The series was hamped by a very late time slot on C4 but did get reasonable viewing figures of around 900,000 a night, not bad for the time. Studio excerpts were shot in an abandoned hospital made TV studio in Glasgow. It was produced by Steve Keen, who also made 3 series of Bad Influence, ITVs Cybernet, Movies Games and Videos and various other video games shows of the era. Of note was the episode that included an interview by Lee of Chris No 3 from rock band Slipknot who were on tour at the time. The band were notoriously hard to secure for interviews and it still remains as one of their only TV appearances.

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