Thunder Squad

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Thunder Squad
Taiwan Thunder Squad Patch.JPG
Arm patch of Thunder Squad
Active 1985 - Present
Country Taiwan Republic of China (Taiwan)
Branch National Police Agency, ROC (Taiwan)
Type Special Forces
Role Domestic Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcement
Size Varies
Part of Respective County/Municipality-level police departments

Thunder Squad(霹靂小組) is the nickname of Wei-An Special Services Unit (維安特勤隊) of Taiwan's National Police Agency, a highly trained SWAT counter-terrorism Special Forces tactical unit established in 1985 to conduct high-risk arrests and other dangerous law enforcement duties. This 200 man group is organized into small, four-man elements, three of which make up an operating group.

Thunder Squad is also the name given to the SWAT tactical units of the counties level police departments in the ROC (Taiwan).

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