Thunder sheet

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Thunder sheet
Terry Bozzio drums.jpg
Sabian thunder sheet at the rear of Terry Bozzio's very large drum kit
Percussion instrument
Classification Percussion
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 111.221+112.1
(Individual percussion plaques, or the player makes a shaking motion)

A thunder sheet is a thin sheet of metal used to produce sound effects for musical or dramatic events. The device may be shaken, causing it to vibrate, or struck with a mallet.

Thunder sheets are available from some cymbal makers including Paiste and Sabian, or can easily be made out of any scrap metal sheet. If shaken, it is highly recommended that the player wear gloves to prevent cuts on the hands. The thinner and larger the sheet, the louder the sound. The thunder sheet needs to be "warmed up" before the actual sound is desired to be heard. The player(s) will need to start slowly shaking the sheet a few seconds before quickly shaking the sheet.

It is rarely seen in classical music, but it was called for in Ignacy Jan Paderewski's Symphony in B minor "Polonia" (1903–08).